Win tickets to StageWorks Fresno’s ‘Little Shop’

UPDATE: Congrats to our two winners, Alina Gonzalez and Anjali Davis. Enjoy!

ORIGINAL POST: StageWorks Fresno closes its 2017 season with a show that could eat the entire Fresno Art Museum: the much-loved “Little Shop of Horrors.” This quirky classic musical about a man-eating plant from outer space opens Friday, Oct. 6, at the museum’s Bonner Auditorium.


The Munro Review is giving away two pairs of seats for any opening weekend performance. You can choose from 7:30 p.m. Friday (opening night) or 7:30 p.m. Saturday, or 2 p.m. Sunday.

Here’s how you enter: Leave a comment on this post answering this question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate going to the dentist? (1 being you positively adore the experience, and 10 being you’d rather let your teeth rot away than sit down in that chair.) Or, if you’d prefer not to discuss your dental issues, tell us why you’d like to see the show.

I’ll pick two winners at random. You’ll be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call. Deadline to enter is midnight Wednesday, Oct. 4. I’ll get back to the winners the next morning.


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Comments (22)

  • Patty Branco

    Oops! Just read the rules! The dentist doesn’t bother me! But then again, I don’t go to Orin Scrivello!

  • Eva Mee

    I’m going with ten. I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but I go because I don’t want my teeth to rot out of my that world be a little” mouth” of horrors:)

  • Candice T.

    I register on the scale at about a 13 or so leading up to my appointment, but I’m able to wrestle it down to about an 8 once I’m in the chair. Ugh I can smell the office just thinking of my answer to this.

  • Jennifer Money

    10! I hate going to the dentist! I actually have to take anti anxiety medication when I go now. I went in for a root canal a few months ago and they had to send me home I couldn’t stop shaking.

  • Stephen

    Even with modern upgrades, I still get sweaty palms at the dentist. It’s necessary but I sure don’t enjoy it.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to say 1 because I love going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.

  • Erica


  • Karen hau

    Never , I will go when I have to ….
    my childhood dentist had to chase me down the street and bribe me with hot chocolate when I was 6 before I would even open my mouth for him to check .

    And now that his son , my childhood friend took over the family business …. it has become a lot more easier .. plus I am embarrassed that I am such a wuss

  • Michelle Olson

    Absolutely hate going to the dentist, and it’s only worsened over time. How much? Probably 8 on a scale of 1-10.

  • Jacob W

    Don’t love going, but don’t hate it either 🙂

  • Alina Gonzalez

    5 as a little kid, because I hated brushing my teeth, I loved candy, and my dentist’s name was DR. CUTTS! Now, a 10, because I am cavity free, I love getting my teeth cleaned, and I actually have been told I “brush my teeth too much.” 😬

  • Linda Ramitez

    1. He hasn’t hurt me yet.

  • Donna Beavers

    Probably a 5. Love my pearly whites (well, semi white) after the hygienist is done. But if I’m getting a filling or crown replaced, not so fun. I LOVE this show, and I’d gladly accept tickets for any night.

  • Cristobal Carrillo

    I’d say I give it a 4. My dentist does relatively painless work, but does have the unusual habit of bringing up the eventuality of death during every visit. It’s funny, but I’m starting to worry about him!

  • Diego Sosa

    I’ll have to say 5 because although it is not fun, it is a chance to get your teeth clean.

  • DeAnn VonBerg

    It used to be 10, hated it, but now it’s a 4. Root canals another story.

  • Ethel Birrell

    It depends on what has to be done. A cleaning – i don’t mind. If I need to be numbed then it’s a 7. I don’t like losing control !!!

  • Susie Nunes

    Hate it! My old dentist was brutal! I found Dr Scrivello on yelp. I haven’t met him yet, He looks kinda cool in his picture, like a hipster or a rockstar. I have an appointment next Tuesday, I’ll let you all know how it goes!

  • Anjali Davis

    So I was actually in the dentists office today coming up with a plan to deal with post cancer treatment issues with my teeth. Definitely not fun but I’ve got a caring dentist so that will help. I’m looking forward to seeing the show!

  • Susan Filgate

    Dentist visits rate about a two. The bills, about a ten. Got a glimpse of the set today. Looks amazing. I’d love to see it! (No, working at the Museum does not get me entry to the play.)

  • My dentist is VERY skilled with a Novocain needle, so 2

  • Kristy

    I’d say a 7. I hate staring at the bright lights!


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