Meet Dwight. He's the star of Shine Theatre!'s latest musical, this one about a group of Texans trying to win a pickup truck.

Heather Parish writes that this production at Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater is a crowd-pleaser for fans of mid-America nostalgia.

The popular production runs through June 11 at Fresno City College.

Other picks for the monthly Fresno Arts Council event include Michael Phillips at Downtown Artist Gallery, Rebecca Caraveo at Spectrum, Pride Month at CMAC, and the Contemporary Humanitarian Artists Association at Scarab Creative Arts.

Born in Japan and trained as a professional ballet dancer, she went on to influence generations of children through her Northwest Ballet Studio and the VPAC.

Local arts leaders are protesting City Hall's efforts to muddle the Fresno Cultural Arts Master Plan.

The draft master plan, which was released to the public last week, "betrays a striking lack of knowledge and understanding of the local arts community and contains many highly questionable and confusing recommendations."

'Sweeney Todd' plays in Visalia through May 28. At Arte Americas, the exhibition 'Jose Montoya's Resonant Valley' is going strong.

Other options include Adam Longatti at Downtown Artist Gallery and a celebration of National Historic Preservation Month.

Michele Ellis Pracy, who curated 'Nathan Oliveira: Rare Works From the Private Collections of His Children,' gives a tour for 'The Munro Review on CMAC." The exhibition runs through June 25.

The Network for Culture and Arts Policy, which is being paid $150,000 for a Cultural Arts Master Plan, says the city parks department should be in the Measure P arts-administration driver's seat.



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