Quick pick: Summer Arts, Session No. 2

The big idea: For a month, Fresno State host the annual CSU Summer Arts festival. The second of the two-week sessions kicks off today (Monday, July 16).

summerarts stage combat

The format: Read my Summer Arts overview post for a rundown. On almost every night of the week, you can attend a public performance or event featuring esteemed members of the Summer Arts faculty. The second session includes a number of literary readings from acclaimed writers. There’s also photography and TV news.

Highlight event: If you’re looking for the most crowd-pleasing Summer Arts performances, it’s a good bet to seek out the kick-off events for each two-week session. (All the Summer Arts students — who come from across the state and around the world — usually attend before they get too heavily involved in their own coursework.) This session the opening performance is “Stage Combat” (7 p.m. Monday, July 16, John Wright Theatre, $20). Guest artists Tony Carreiro, Collin Bressie and Nate Mitchell, all Society of American Fight Directors Certified Teachers, present a lecture detailing the ins and outs of stage combat choreography. They’ll demonstrate how they make everything look so real on stage and screen.

Other performances: Check out the Summer Arts calendar for details. My picks include poets Jasmine Mans and Yazmin Monet Watkins (7 p.m. Wednesday, July 18, John Wright Theatre, $15); and TV journalist Bob Dotson (7 p.m. Thursday, July 19, John Wright Theatre, $15).


Don’t forget: The free student showcases at the end of the session (July 27 and 28). They’re a great way to connect with youthful creativity.

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