I’m no ‘King’ for a day, but I’ll take ‘Sponsor’ on KVPR

Hey! You know how you’ll be driving and listening to Valley Public Radio, and the announcer will tell you that “programming is sponsored in part by …,” and it’s usually something fun, like an event or anniversary or birthday?

Well, today, that sponsor is The Munro Review. How cool is that? I even got the station to spell out the name: M-U-N-R-O. (People keep wanting to spell it like Marilyn or President James.)

You can hear it throughout the rest of the day.

This is a great time to point you to a great interview that Alice Daniel, the new news director at Valley Public Radio, did with me a few weeks ago. We talked about the website, the new membership structure, hidden cultural gems in the Valley and more. You can read and listen to the 11-minute story here.



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  • Celeste DeMonte

    Donald, it was terrific to hear your day sponsorship on Valley Public Radio! Thank you so much for your support of our terrific public radio station. I really enjoyed your chat with Alice Daniel, too. And as always, than you for your superb coverage of arts in our community.


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