Update: Stella Freeman draws her way to a big local theater donation

Remember Stella Freeman? She’s the community-minded 13-year-old who took it upon herself to help four beloved Fresno theater companies during the coronavirus financial calamity.

Stella Freeman ended up raising more than $4,000 for local theater companies.

Stella, a talented illustrator as well as a dedicated performer, offered to draw portraits drawn from photographs for $20 each. By the time her campaign ended a few days ago, she managed to raise — drum roll, please — a whopping $3,535 from her artwork. Plus, Stella also donated $500 from her savings account.

The grand total: $4,035.


You read that correctly: Stella drew her fingers to the bone for weeks of her summer vacation, then dipped into her savings to add even more to the pot. It’s remarkable and incredibly generous.

“We are very proud of her passion and hard work,” says her mom, Stephanie Freeman.

Four theater companies will share in the proceeds:

Good Company Players:  $1013.75.
Junior Company Foundation: $1003.75.
Children’s Musical Theaterworks: $1013.75
Shine – $1003.75.

Thank you to those of my readers who read about Stella’s offer and took her up on it for a good cause.

And thanks, Stella, for reminding us of a couple of things: 1) how strong the pull of theater can be for younger people; 2) and what a wonderful person you are.

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  • Judy

    Stella has done an exceptional job helping raise funds for the arts. Very nice review for all her hard work and dedication. Thank you!


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