VIDEO interview: Kailyn and Morgan Sanders dance and sing in Junior Company Foundation’s holiday cabaret

The interviewees: If you’ve been to a Good Company Players show at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater in the last few years, chances are that you’ve been entertained by one or both of the Sanders sisters. Kailyn, 12, and Morgan, 10, are stalwart members of the Junior Company. They also have appeared in mainstage shows as well.

The event: Kailyn and Morgan are both in the Junior Company Foundation’s virtual holiday cabaret, titled “Home for the Holidays.” It premieres at 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18. The prerecorded show is hosted by Tony Folmer and Jonathan Aguirre, “senior Juniors,” who also acted as artistic directors.

The performances: In my 13-minute interview, you get to see clips of Kailyn and Morgan from the cabaret.

The insights: Learn more what it’s like to grow up in a musical-theater family. (The girls’ mother is GCP veteran Dorie Hamby, and their father is Shine! Theatre artistic director tony sanders.)

The takeaway: Here’s what I learned from the interview: Both of these girls are 1) talented singers and dancers; 2) they are incredibly warm and articulate; and 3) they have really fun road trips with their parents. (Their car gets 30 show tunes per gallon.)


How to watch: Friday’s cabaret is on several platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It will be available on demand thereafter.

How much it costs: It’s free. But donations to the non-profit Junior Company Foundation are always appreciated.

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  • Linda Hamby

    What poised and talented young ladies! (From a completely unbiased Grandma!)


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