[edgtf_dropcaps type="normal" color="#aa1217" background_color=""]W[/edgtf_dropcaps]e focus on three big stories in the September episode of "The Munro Review" on CMAC: the official grand opening of Vernissage, a new gallery in the Fresno High area, on Sept. 14; the opening of “The Last 5 Years,” a StageWorks Fresno production, which runs Sept.7-16; and a sneak peek at the new look and membership/sponsorship structure for The Munro Review. For our Vernissage story, producer Kyle Lowe and I went on location to explore this cozy new gallery and get to know Ma Ly, the owner. We also talked to Stephanie Ryan, who is the featured artist for the grand opening. Along with that event on Sept. 14, you’ll also be able to visit the new gallery at September Arthop on the 6th. Our “Last 5 Years” coverage includes an in-studio interview with director Joel Abels, a Skype interview from New York with stars Taylor Abels Rodriguez and Daniel Abels Rodriguez, and also a special song performance from Taylor and Daniel that they recorded in Fresno after they arrived from New York. (The travel and taping schedules got complicated!)