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A Supporting Membership is $5 a month, billed by credit card on a recurring basis using the secure Stripe payment gateway. You can cancel at any time. You can also pay by check for any length of membership you wish. Payments go directly to the Community Media Access Collaborative, which is acting as the non-profit fiscal sponsor for The Munro Review.

There are two other paid membership levels:

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All three paid tiers provide the same benefit: the opportunity to sign up for special quarterly Members Events. These will include private tours of artist studios, backstage tours at local productions, musical demonstrations by prominent musicians, and art-film screening nights.

With paid memberships, the difference in price is because some people have more resources to share than others. Whatever the amount is, I appreciate it!

You can also choose a six-month Basic Membership, which is free. You’ll be asked to renew that membership at the end of the six months. All members are eligible for ticket giveaways on the site. Only paid members, donors and individual sponsors are eligible for Members Events.

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