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to 'The Lion King'

Can you feel the love tonight (and all the time) from The Munro Review? You can win four tickets to opening night of “The Lion King” (7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28) at the Saroyan Theatre.

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To enter this giveaway, leave a reply on this post below answering this question: If you could spend a day on the savanna hanging out with one of the characters in “The Lion King,” which one would it be. (Or you can just tell us why you want to go to the show.) Deadline to enter is 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24. The winner will be picked at random and notified by email.


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Comments (68)

  • Lisa Ovalle

    I would love to go! I really regret not seeing it New York.

  • Jeanine King

    Simply stated, I would love to see The Lion King. And I would be more than grateful to win just two of the tickets, leaving the other two to someone else.

  • ellieavocado

    If I could spend a day in the Savanna I would love to hang out with Pumbaa because he would know how to have fun and we could sing hakuna matata all day long!

  • Freeamanda

    I’d play with young Simba…I cannot resist baby animals of any size! 🐯💛✨

  • Miguel

    I would definitely want to kick it with Pumba because both of our aromas…um…lack a certain…appeal.

  • Kelly Curry

    I would love to take my mother in law to see this. No clue which character I would like to spend time—whatever one enjoys shade?

  • Silvia Fisher

    I would hang out with Timon & Pumba of course

  • Patty Stratton

    I would LOVE to take my husband and two granddaughters to see The Lion King!

  • MusicVal

    I would love to hang out with Rafiki because he is a continuously optimistic and care free like me! He loves adventure, taking risks and nothing ever seems to get him down. I would also love to go to the show and take some of my students who cannot afford to see live theater.

  • Lisa

    I’ve never been to this production and I’d love to go. 💖

  • jmeredith28

    If I could spend a day on the savanna hanging with any character from The Lion King, it would have to be Mufasa. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved The Lion King and I always wished we got to know more about Mufasa before his death. I’ve always been interested in his past and everything it took for him to be a strong King. I also would really love to see this show because I’ve never seen it. I love the music and everything this show represents it would be an absolute pleasure to go.


    Time to shift from awesome real lions to fantasy lions

  • Costumebaby

    Nala. She’s everything. Strong, kind, fierce, gentle, unafraid. She is an accumulation of all women doing exactly what needs to get done.

  • LindaEdin

    Pumbaa would fun to hang around with!

  • Enavarrette

    Rafiki all the way! I think we’d laugh a lot.

    But also I really, really want to go because I’ve yet to see the stage production and I’d like to take some of my students!

  • Barnett-s

    Without a doubt I would want to hang out with Zazu for a day. I think getting to know his character and learning all about the kingdom would be really interesting. As someone who knows the ins and outs of the kingdom I would get to know a lot about the dynamics of the world. Plus Zazu is incredibly sassy and I think that would just make for a fun time.

  • zjrichter

    I have 3 nieces that need more theatre!

  • Laramiewyoming

    If I could hang out with anyone on the Savannah it would be Scar. I would love to learn more about him and his motivation for betraying his family– I feel like there is a whole background there that has been unexplored up until now and I would love to learn about it!


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