Rogue 2019: Heather Parish and Les Kurkendaal talk up the festival

On the March episode of “The Munro Review on CMAC,” I interview two Rogue Festival veterans: Heather Parish and Les Kurkendaal. The complete episode doesn’t drop until Monday, but here’s a Rogue sneak peek.

Among the topics we cover:

— What if you’re a Rogue Festival first-timer? How does it work?

— What’s the deal with the Rogue wristband?

— Should you include cocktails in your Rogue itinerary? (We hear from the expert, and it’s not Les.)


— What’s it like to be a fringe-festival performer?

— What is Les’ new show about?

— Why is Marcel Nunis’ face plastered all over the Rogue as if he’s some insecure Communist despot?

— Plus: We hear a two-minute excerpt from Les’ new show, “Adventures While Black in Great Britain.”

Rogue resources

— Most important, of course, is the Rogue website, which has a complete schedule plus the essential updates page. (Sometimes shows get cancelled, so if you don’t like surprises, check beforehand.) Also, if you can’t find a paper Rogue program, the PDF version is always handy.

— Josh Tehee at The Bee offers his picks.

— You can find lots of Rogue previews at Kings River Life.

— I’ll be chiming in here and there about the Rogue, including my very first drunken interview, which I’ll be posting tomorrow. That’s a pretty good tease, right?

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