Special summer offer: Support The Munro Review and get two tickets to CMT’s ‘Freaky Friday’

Ugh. I hate asking for money. But I don’t work for The Fresno Bee anymore. And while I’ve been having a grand time for the past two years being my own boss and writing lots of stories about arts and culture in the greater Fresno area, there are practical things to consider, like the expenses of running a website.

That’s why I’m excited to announce a special summer offer for my readers. Thanks to the generosity of Children’s Musical Theaterworks, I’m giving a pair of tickets to any of this weekend’s closing performances of “Freaky Friday” to anyone who becomes a new paid monthly member of The Munro Review or who upgrades from a current free membership to a paid membership.


Paid memberships start at $5 a month. You can also sign up at a $10 or $25 monthly level. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. You can read more about the perks of membership here.

A reminder: Your tax-deductible monthly memberships, sponsorships and donations help sustain the site. All funds collected go directly toward expenses for The Munro Review and are processed through the Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC), acting as the site’s official non-profit fiscal sponsor per IRS regulations. (CMAC also produces my monthly arts TV talk show.) All memberships, sponsorships and donations are tax-deductible.

I started this site because the corporate newspaper model is broken. Coverage of the arts has been slashed across the country, particularly on the local level. The only way we’re going to keep such coverage going is through grassroots efforts. I’m excited about the thousands of unique readers I have each month and the support I already receive from more than 250 readers and a dozen local arts organizations. But if I’m going to keep the site going at the same intensity — and perhaps grow it to the point where I can hire someone (or someones!) to help me make it even better, I need to reach another level.


I’m hoping in particular with this promotion to reach more members of the local theater community. Whether you’re an actor or fan, just take a look at my coverage for July: I’m offering previews, reviews and features on all the Fresno-area shows. When you support The Munro Review, you support local theater.

There is no paywall for The Munro Review. I strongly believe in free access so that coverage of the arts can be disseminated far and wide. And I realize that some people can’t afford to contribute.

But if you can afford it, I hope you’ll consider making a contribution.

This offer is good through noon Friday, July 19. I’ll be contacting new members to ask which performance of “Freaky Friday” they want to attend.

Thank you!

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