Wednesday pick: Pop-up theater from the Fools Collaborative

The Fools Collaborative

The Fools Collaborative, whose members include some of the most creative folks in the greater Fresno area, has a choice offering tonight: a pop-up theater and performance event with the theme of “Identity.” The evening will include short theater pieces, poetry, and a variety of other performance art and styles. Some quick details:

When and where: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July, 31, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Social Hall, 2101 N. Fruit Ave.

How the project came about: Heather Parish, a prominent Fool, has a rundown on her theater blog. An excerpt:

“Lia Dewey, who has been an active member of our group for the past couple years, is leaving Fresno next month to go to grad school in Ohio. When she asked us if we might be able to help her mount a production of her short play, ‘Imposter.’ … We really liked the theme of identity that is prevalent in Lia’s script and thought that it could line up nicely with other culturally relevant themes of Self. It’s nothing new, of course, but this administration has really gone out of its way to make multiple groups of people feel like they’re the ‘Other,’ so there is so much fodder for inspiration right now. We asked other members of our organization, and some friends, if they wanted to write plays, sing songs, read poems, and choreograph dances on that same theme of Identity, whatever it meant for them. For the most part, the program for the evening was built from people who approached us with an interest in having something to say. Because of this, I think we’re going to have a nice, cathartic evening exploring hard topics from several different intimate, honest angles.”

On the program: Kristin Lyn Crase also wrote a short play about being proud to be from Fresno. Michael C. Flores is choreographing a movement piece to one of Juan Luis Guzman’s poems. Jeremy Hitch and Rodolfo Robles are performing pieces they wrote about their experience as gay men, culturally and in relation to their families. Ashley Hyatt and Christy Hathaway are performing some powerful poems that speak to the experience of womanhood. And, writes Parish, there are still several more surprises in the works. There will be a free social hour with snacks and drinks after the show.

Tickets: The evening is Pay What You Will. Proceeds to go toward RAICES.


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