Win tickets to Blue Man Group ‘Speechless’ Tour at Saroyan Theatre

Blue Man Group

You can win a pair of tickets to opening night of the Blue Man Group ‘Speechless” national tour (7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 and 7, Saroyan Theatre) PLUS dinner for two at Cosmopolitan Tavern & Italian Grill AND free parking for the evening.

Blue Man Group has visited Fresno before, but this production’s marketing line is: “It’s the same blue, but the rest is new.” The show features new and original compositions, acts, and instruments alongside iconic Blue Man Group moments “based in joy, art, music, laugher and escapist absurdity.”

You get to dine beforehand at Cosmopolitan Tavern & Italian Grill, located in the corner of the Convention Center parking lot.

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To enter this giveaway, leave a reply on this post (see below) answering this question: If you had your own “Group,” what color would it be? (Or you can just say why you’d like to attend.) Deadline to enter is 4 p.m Saturday, Nov. 2. The winner will be picked at random and notified by email.

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Comments (26)

  • Javier Cabrera

    My group color would be aqua. Aqua man group! I would love to attend!

  • Silvia Fisher

    Pink as The Pink Ladies 😉

  • My group would be yellow. We avoid any and all confrontations.

  • Tamara Tackett Dent

    I would love to win tickets to take my son to experience BMG.
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • Susan McAndrew

    My group would be green for beautiful, green plants that bring joy to our world.

  • Steph

    Purple. Cuz Aliens don’t wear pants.

  • Holly

    My group would be silver.

  • Chuck Olson

    Pink. And in Pink Floyd! Would be a great post anniversary for Michelle and I. Although this is theater, right?

  • Caty

    Bulldog red of course!!

  • Barbara Mecca

    My group color would be Periwinkle! Have loved that color for as long as I can remember. I would be so excited to the the Blue Man Group and enjoy my first trip to the Cosmopolitan! Thank you!


    My group would be black. My daughter wears nothing but black. Our favorite dog is a black lab or rottweiler. My homies all say I really look good in black (borrowed from Al Yankovich, Amish Paradise).

  • Calvin Hoff

    My Rainbow People Group would be inclusive.

  • Emily A.

    Purple People Group!

  • Cathy Dunlap

    My group would be green as it makes me happy!

  • Jennifer Neer

    A Teal People group would be lovely! I’ve never seen the Blue Man Group, and I would love to.

  • Kaila


  • Lisa Ovalle

    I would love to be the golden group. Everything is better in gold.

  • Heather

    It would be a rainbow group. Too many beautiful colors to choose only one!

  • Yvonne Patino

    My group would be a happy and optimistic yellow.

  • Linda Ramirez

    My group would be lilac.

  • dave divelbiss

    Well, Blue of course

  • Renee Newlove

    My group would be silver! Super shiny and happy!! Plus this would be a blast to go see.

  • Sandi Moore

    It would have to be orange, my favorite color! I would love to see Blue Man Group!

  • DAYLA Anderson

    Orange. It is a happy color.

    I have wanted to see The Blue Man Group for 25 years! It’s great to know they will be here in Fresno!

  • kiakellyvang

    I’d like to attend to see the Blue Man Group perform live!

  • Michael Parola

    If I were to choose a name, maybe Orange Man group, but Blue is perfect. Hope I can see the show, never seen them live! Thanks!


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