Last chance to catch Fresno Central library’s ‘Evicted’

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‘Evicted’ continues through December at the Fresno Central Library.

Reader Nancy Kast writes:

In early November an exhibit was installed on the ground floor of the Central Library. It was a collaboration between the National Building Museum in Washington DC and author Matthew Desmond, of the book “Evicted.”

Fresno hosted the author at the opening of the exhibit and he spoke to a crowd of around 200 people at the Warnors Theatre. The exhibit is quite thought- provoking on a subject of current interest and debate.

I hope that you will take a half hour and stop by the Library to see the exhibit. Perhaps not on your usual path, but I guarantee it will make an impression.

I took Nancy’s advice last week and swung by the Fresno Central Library, and I agree with her: The exhibition is compelling, and it is a nice reminder during the excesses of the holiday season of the system economic inequities in our country. It’s up for a few more days (through the end of December). I am particularly struck by the exhibition’s use of four houselike structures to hold the bulk of the didactic panels and original videos.


One of the videos that really stuck with me is Sasha Israel’s “The Court,” which combines an audio recording of officials droning on about the bureaucratic processes of getting evicted with visceral photographs capturing the anguish of the tenants. The juxtaposition of the routine of the courthouse employees vs. the life-changing nature of the proceedings for those being evicted really hit home. It was a jolt for me to consider that this is an everyday process, even during the holiday season.

KVPR’s Laura Tsutsui had an illuminating interview with Desmond in November.

The exhibition continues through Dec. 30.

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