Opening weekend: ‘Puffs’ at Selma Arts Center puts a twist on Harry Potter’s world

In Selma Arts Center’s latest production, “Puffs,” we’re thrust into a setting that seems like a dead-ringer for Hogwarts, of “Harry Potter” fame. But it isn’t quite the same.

Mostly that’s because of copyright law. This spirited satire has a lot of fun poking fun at the J.K. Rowling universe. But don’t look for the usual suspects. This show focuses on the nerdy kids who get “sorted” into the house known as Puff — obviously short for Hufflepuff.

CMAC producer Kyle Lowe and I put the spotlight on Selma’s “Puffs” for the February episode of “The Munro Review on CMAC.” The piece includes an interview with co-director Adam Chavez, behind-the-scenes footage and moments with some of the leading actors. Here’s the result from our trip to Selma:


The play opened Off-Broadway in 2016 and just closed last year. The New York Times said the show “exudes a jovial, winking fondness for all things Harry. For Potterphiliacs eager to revisit that world, that’s enticement enough.”


“Puffs” runs from Friday, Feb. 14 through Saturday, Feb. 29.

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