A new look for the front page of The Munro Review

Spring cleaning at The Munro Review means freshening up the front page!

My biggest change is the addition of “The Quarantine Chronicles,” which I’m describing as a compendium of news tidbits, observations, reader feedback, shout-outs, social media highlights and suggestions on how we can all keep supporting the arts. I hope you’ll take the time to learn about how artists are struggling, adapting and thriving in this new, weird world of ours. I’d really like to ramp up interaction with readers, so if you have a tip, comment or rant to share, be sure to email me at

I’ve also tidied up and expanded the design of the home page and made it a little easier for me, as a one-man show, to keep things updated.

Also, I get to use circular photos, which I’m very excited about! (You’ll have to read the desktop version to see them; the mobile version turns those circles into squares. You could glean something profound from that, as in, you don’t always get what you want …)

Thanks, as always, for your continued readership and support.


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