Update: My apologies for spam post, especially because it was about underarm hair removal

Hey there, email subscribers:

On Sunday night some of you received notification of a new TMR post with the subject line “10 Best Airbrush Makeup Kit For Beginners.”

I did not write this.

I am no more qualified to tell you about airbrush makeup kits than I am to elaborate on such things as the science behind heat loss by thermal conduction, or to enlighten you about Nicky Minaj’s career body of work. Furthermore, the post went on to offer such phrases as “Hair Removal Laser Near Me Prices, winged eyeliner tutorial with pen, Hair Removal Laser Treatment Near Me, Hair Removal Laser Clinic Near Me, Best Hair Removal Laser Near Me, Underarm Hair Removal Laser Near Me,” and other choice word combinations that most certainly did not spring from my non-winged-eyeliner-savvy brain.

The article never was available on the home page of the site, but it did go out to those of you who receive email notifications from me each time I post.

The explanation: Yes, my site was hacked. But with the help of the excellent folks at WordPress, everything is under control. Also, I’d like to offer special thanks to Jackie Ryle, who immediately emailed me and questioned my makeup aptitude, concluding that the post was suspicious. If y’all ever see anything else like this that doesn’t look like it came from me, please let me know.



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  • Steph

    Oh no! Because I thought you were endorsing it I bought 20 kits…good Xmas gifts I figured…

  • Nancy Youdelman

    I thought it was “arty”. Haha! It was so over the top.

  • Jeri A Stubblefield


  • Gaylene

    And, how do we contact you to let you know? I got the spam email as well and thought it quite “not your style!” 😆😆😆😆

  • Jim+Wilson

    For the record, is this warning really from you???


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