FAM in focus: Join curator Sarah Vargas and Donald in a CMAC video tour of ‘A Queen Within’

There’s no one better who knows “A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes” (the Fresno Art Museum exhibition currently wowing audiences through Jan. 8) than Sarah Vargas. She didn’t design or curate the touring show, which was produced by the exhibition firm Barrett Barrera Projects, but she was involved in every step of the transportation and installation process. She also was responsible for training the museum’s wonderful docents for the scores of public and school tours they’ve been giving these past few months.

Vargas gave me and a CMAC crew a personal tour in October. I’m reposting that video here as part of my last chance “Queen Within” coverage.

Also, Vargas took the time to walk me through another compelling exhibition at the museum that also runs through Jan. 8: “Kim Abeles: A Survey.” This video was also featured on the December episode of “The Munro Review on CMAC.”

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  • Jackie Ryle

    Thank you once again, Donald. I visited the Queen Within exhibit a number of times, but never took the tour. This video pulled it all together and added such depth and rich details. I loved hearing Sarah’s knowledge and passion. Thanks to you and to the Fresno Art Museum for bringing us this incredible treasure

  • Jackie Ryle

    An added comment; I especially loved and was moved by Kim Abeles’ work and stories. Very much appreciated hearing Sarah talk about the piece featured. I hope everyone interested in truly powerful and meaningful art will get to these exhibits before they close on January 8


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