Bitwise held its No Place Like Home: Virtual Culture Fest on Saturday, and one of its selling points was this: “Live music, djs, shop vendors, order food and drinks - all at your fingertips, without ever leaving your home.” Well, except for Jackie Ryle. This roving correspondent for The Munro Review always has a full Saturday planned, see, and the local arts dynamo wasn’t going to let that stop her from enjoying Bitwise’s 13-hour onscreen festival. What else did Jackie do while streaming it live?

• She took her customary two-hour jog-walk through the streets of Fresno with her trademark baby stroller (always good for balance and overcoming sidewalk disruptions.)

• She drove to Los Panchos -- one of the featured food venues for No Place Like Home -- to pick up her lunch.

• She ate her lunch.

• She took a shower. (Well, she took a break for this task, but it was pretty much the only time she was offline the whole day.)

• She helped refurbish some of the 40,000 old but still useful face masks being refurbished by the Fresno Cultural Arts Rotary Club (“The only cultural arts Rotary club in the world!” its members shout at the opening of each meeting). Yes, as she was replacing elastic bands to stop the spread of the coronavirus, she was also live-streaming Hope Garcia with the Box.

Jackie is the queen of multi-tasking.