All you ever wanted to know about Fresno State’s ‘Streetcar’

Fresno State’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” opens today (Friday, May 4) and continues through May 12. Normally I’d offer one preview story to my readers.

Today I’m giving you eight.

They aren’t written by me but by students in my Fresno State journalism class (MCJ 104). For our final group project, they each picked a different aspect of the production to write about. Director Kathleen McKinley, promotions guru Miguel Gastelum and various members of the cast and creative team graciously offered their time and assistance. The result is an in-depth report.

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We went through every step of the editing and reporting process: brainstorming ideas; coming up with a story budget; editorial conferences and coaching; arranging interviews and visuals; peer editing; writing headlines and captions; and designing a standalone website that will continue, as far as I know, until the end of time (or until WordPress turns it off).


You can find that website here:

Here is a list of individual stories:

Going beyond race: ‘Streetcar’ casting throws tradition out the window: 
By William Ramirez

Sounds of New Orleans: Two jazz enthusiasts give ‘Streetcar’ a Southern sizzle: 
By Paige Gibbs

This isn’t just a museum piece: Welcome to a classic play with lots of pop (culture)
By Cassie Richter

For director and longtime fan, an enduring passion for Tennessee Williams
By Victoria Castello

Clothes call: With attention to detail, Fresno State’s costume shop builds image of 1947
By Selina Falcon

Props, props, and more props: Taking care to make it all look real
By Alex Silva

For a Fresno State theater veteran, a minor role in ‘Streetcar’ has a major impact
By Nugesse Ghebrendrias

Blanche and Stanley: In ‘Streetcar,’ their conflict becomes a firestorm
By Melina Ortiz

I hope you’ll take the time over the next week to peruse these stories and gain some additional insights into the play.

And to my class: Thanks for all the hard work!

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