Quick pick: A cheer for Selma’s ‘Bring It On’

Only 360 more people will get the chance to see the Selma Arts Center production of “Bring It On” before it closes Sunday. (Because of a much bigger stage, the number of seats in the theater has been reduced to just 90.) I’m told that the Friday and Saturday night performances are sold out, but tickets still remain for the Saturday and Sunday matinees.


You don’t want to miss this show.

Because of a confluence of events, some good (getting to go to the coast!) and some not-so-good (running out of gas!), I wasn’t able to see “Bring It On” until Thursday night. I need to get a couple of other posts up first today, so my review is still to come. But here’s a sneak peek: It’s an exhilarating production. Grab those tickets if you can.

In the meantime, here’s my in-depth preview of “Bring It On” focusing on what it takes to turn actors into cheerleaders.

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