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Sierra Art Trails, the spectacular open-studio tour in the beautiful foothills of eastern Madera and Mariposa counties, is just four days away. We mark the occasion on the October episode of “The Munro Review” on CMAC with guest Elizabeth Saltos, a recent artistic transplant to Oakhurst from the Bay Area. She’ll show you some of her works. Also featured is Michael Flores, Daniel LaJune and Emma DenBesten of Selma Arts Center’s “Rocky Horror Show.” Daniel and Emma sing “Dammit, Janet” in the studio.

Plus, to mark the fact that this episode is the kickoff of the second season of “The Munro Review,” I pick five cultural events I’m really looking forward to in the coming 12-month season. (You’ll also notice a new show opener.)

And: I want to once again thank producers Kyle Lowe and Lisa Talley, along with the dozens of volunteer CMAC crew members who made the first season happen. Go, CMAC!

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  • Steph

    ………………………Aw. It says we can’t view the video yet. Not til it airs. Now THAT should be a member benefit.

    (Plus see how I avoided the unfortunate graphic covering our names and the first few comment words? I’m clever).


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