Regional tour of ‘Newsies’ will play at the Saroyan for 2 performances

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A regional tour of ‘Newsies’ plays on Saturday, July 13, at the Saroyan Theatre.

On Saturday evening (July 13), a very unusual thing will occur on the Fresno-area theater scene:

Two productions of the same show will play at the same time.

A regional tour of “Newsies” is making a stop in Fresno that day for a two-performance run (2 and 8 p.m., Saroyan Theatre). It is not part of the Broadway in Fresno series but is an indie effort. The show is a production of Theatre Royale, a Temecula-based company. It has previously played at the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula and the Soraya Theatre in Northridge.

That day also happens to be the final Saturday performance of the Good Company Players production of “Newsies,” which closes Sunday, July 14.

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I can’t remember another time when a touring production and local production bumped up against each other. Usually the rights to a show are scrupulously scheduled so a title isn’t competing against itself, even within a window of many months. I don’t know if this was an oversight or if the thought was that GCP’s “Newsies” will have already played more than 35 performances by the time the tour gets to town, so the rules could slide.


Whatever the reason, it’s another opportunity for “Newsies” fans who can’t get enough of the show.

Tickets are $39-$94.

Here’s a video promoting the show on Facebook:

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  • I love the energy of this play and would love to attend.


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