Now streaming: the December episode of ‘The Munro Review on CMAC’

Episode 27 of ‘The Munro Review on CMAC’: Teddy Maldonado, the host, Roger Christensen, Elizabeth Fiester, Anthony teNyenhuis and Evangelia Pappas.

As a reward for all that hard work you put into today shopping on Black Friday, I have a treat for you. The December episode of ‘The Munro Review on CMAC.’

Here is the YouTube version:

It features three in-depth segments:

• As part of the love I’m lavishing on “She Loves Me,” I welcome actor Roger Christensen and director Elizabeth Fiester to talk about the charms of this wonderful small musical. Plus: Teddy Maldonado, who plays George in the show, sings the title tune in our musical segment.


• Carmen Hoyos offers an enchanting in-studio interview about her current exhibition at the Fresno Art Museum, which welcomes museum guests in the lobby and takes them on a journey along “The Path” to the outdoor garden.

• Previewing next week’s opening of Fresno State’s “As You Like It,” leading actors Evangelia Pappas and Anthony teNyenhuis talk about their roles in this Shakespeare comedy.

You also get the usual recaps of news, reviews and a look at the arts month ahead.

Along with the YouTube version, you can also watch the episode on


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