Fresno Master Chorale postpones March 29 concert because of Coronavirus concerns

A major Fresno-area concert has been postponed to November because of the Coronavirus. The Fresno Master Chorale’s “Finding Refuge” concert on March 29 is rescheduled to Nov. 22.

A statement from the chorale:

“Exercising caution and in the best interest of our audiences and the more than 250 singers in our ensembles, the board of directors of Fresno Community Chorus, Inc. announces the cancellation of current rehearsals and our March 29 concert. After careful consideration of the public health information available at this time, concern about the effect of the Coronavirus on vulnerable groups has led to these decisions.”

The “Finding Refuge” March concert would have included the “Beatitude Mass for the Homeless” and several other pieces on the theme.

The cancellation shows the peril that could be ahead for local arts organizations if the virus continues to disrupt daily life and public gatherings. Non-profit organizations often operate on razor-thin fiscal margins — just breaking even — and the major revenue loss that comes from a concert cancellation could have a major impact. There are other questions to be answered in terms of venues, deposits, contracted musicians and more. Aside from the obvious health concerns, this could be a scary ride.



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