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The Munro Review on CMAC

Armen Bacon talks about her new book, co-authored with Phyllis Brotherton, about the pandemic.

It’s time for Episode 34 of “The Munro Review on CMAC.” This month’s show, which premiered Monday night, features an interview with local authors Armen Bacon and Phyllis Brotherton. They talk about their new book inspired by recent events, titled “The Words Between Us – A Pandemic Abecedarius.”

In pre-pandemic days when we could actually use the CMAC facilities, these well-spoken wordsmiths would have been in the studio with me talking about the book, which they wrote in 53 days. Because of the pandemic, of course, we had to Zoom it.

I got to film my stand-ups (in which I read the news and introduce the various segments in the show) at the beautiful Forestiere Underground Gardens. Unfortunately, I need to learn a thing or 20 about the proper use of ring lights when wearing prescription lenses; the donut-shape halos dancing on my face make me look like I’m going to be scooped up by marauding aliens. But just look past that, OK?

Along with my Armen and Phyllis interview, there are also two other segments to discover. Producer Kyle Lowe highlights an excerpt of a longer video interview he did with local thespian Mikayla Argain, who has been battling an extended case of COVID-19. And Kyle also offers a video view of getting tested for the disease.


Hope you enjoy.

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  • Steph

    It’s great to see Mikaela manage to smile and laugh some despite this evil virus literally hurting them daily. Thanks much Kyle for this insight into the human struggle of the virus.


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