As a guest on ‘Fresno’s Best’ podcast, I talk about theater, atonality and burritos

Hey, I’m on a podcast! I’m featured on the latest episode of “Fresno’s Best,” hosted by Jordan Mattox. We have quite a conversation that ranges from my favorite place to eat in Fresno (I’m easy; I’m always happy with a Don Pepe’s spicy shrimp burrito) to my take on dissonant classical music from the 1950s (best listened to, by the way, when eating a Don Pepe’s spicy shrimp burrito). I also get to gab about the Fresno-area theater scene, arts criticism in the social-media-mob-rules era, and — my favorite — spend a whole slew of minutes talking about some of my recent favorite books and authors. (This part of the discussion is a nice complement to the latest edition of “The Quarantine Chronicles,” in which I offer several literary picks.) There might be some other stuff that I talk about, too, that I’ve forgotten, because I have to confess that I couldn’t stand the thought of listening to all 67 minutes of myself and … my … long … pauses … when I speak, but it’s pretty common to hate the sound of your own voice, right? I will say that it was a kick to be able to have a long-form discussion with someone as smart and funny like Jordan, who is a wonderful podcaster and an upstanding cultural citizen.

Some links for you:

“Fresno’s Best” on Apple Podcasts

“Fresno’s Best” on Spotify

Also, I want to give a shoutout to Jordan’s other podcast, “History of California.” I’m now subscribed to that one and “Fresno’s Best.”



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