More than 2,100 people and businesses declare: Tower Theatre shouldn’t be owned by a church

Should a church own the Tower Theatre?

That question has been rocking the Tower District for weeks. The issue has been covered extensively by local media, including the Fresno Bee, GV Wire, the newsletter Five by Five Nine (which offers a good recap) and the Visalia Times-Delta (which has a fascinating take on how a similar controversy gripped Visalia’s downtown for years.)

Pictured above: Views of opposition to the sale of the Tower Theatre include the Rogue Festival’s Jaguar Bennett in a photo by Carmelo Rossette (@carmelo.Rossette); and a tweeted photo by James D. Martinez.

In a nutshell, the family trust that owns the Tower Theatre and the entire block it stands on (including the buildings housing Sequoia Brewery, The Painted Table and Me ‘n’ Eds, along with the large parking lot) sold the property to Adventure Church. That transaction is in escrow. The church has been renting the theater these past months for Sunday worship services (even during the pandemic). After public outcry, The Painted Table (a catering company that has long been a Tower District booster) stepped up to add an offer to the table to buy the theater complex.

Stepping into the mix is The Fools Collaborative, a major player on Fresno’s cultural scene, and the Rogue Festival, the annual fringe festival that brings thousands of audience members each year to the Tower District. The groups organized a community letter to stop the sale of the theater to a church. The Rogue’s Jaguar Bennett is the primary brains behind the letter itself, although there has been some input along the way from residents, community leaders, and business owners. (The petition is attached at the end of this post; you can jump directly to it by clicking here.)

One factor involved in the opposition is concern about the church’s stand on gay and lesbian issues. The theaters each year hosts the Reel Pride Film Festival, one of the first gay and lesbian film festivals in the nation.


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There’s an even more important factor, organizers say: the potential economic impact to nearby businesses if a church were to anchor Fresno’s alternative/cultural/entertainment district. Haley White, creative director of the Fools, tells me: “Even if Adventure Church was the most pro-queer church on the planet, many business owners, home owners, artists, queers, and residents would still be protesting this sale for a multitude of economic reasons.”

The Fools Collaborative and the Rogue Festival are officially unveiling the signed petition today after asking to publish it in The Munro Review. I readily agreed. It’s a crucial issue.

Why do I support the letter? Because of the Tower Theatre’s iconic status and its impact on the neighborhood. Neighbors have a right to weigh in on such things. Cities make land-use decisions all the time that impact people’s lives — and there is no conceivable reason why a major zoning upset is warranted in this case. Two other substantial reasons for my views: I worry that the church will try to rally public support by claiming discrimination against religion, when in fact churches sit at the top of the power structure in this country and reap countless special financial benefits and privileges; and I question whether the Tower Theatre has applied for CARES Act funding or will ask to be bailed out under the $15 billion federal stimulus plan entertainment and the arts, which seems tailor-made for the venue. Final reason: There are hundreds upon hundreds of churches in Fresno — and just one Tower Theatre. That’s why I’m giving White this forum. I posed questions to get a deeper understanding of her position:

Q: How many signatures (individual/business) did The Fools Collaborative end up collecting on the online petition?

We are still getting some emails and messages from people asking to be included (and we’re trying to squeeze them in!) but as of right now, we’ve received just over 2,100 individual signatures with an additional 130+ businesses and organizations, including some churches.

Q: What do you plan to do with the petition next?

A: We’re sending it to city officials and putting it in front of anyone who will look at it. I’ve been using it a lot on social media to fight misinformation about the dissent. We’re also going to keep taking digital signatures for those who don’t make the cut off for the published version of the letter. There seems to be a lot of people who are still eager to sign. If anyone reading this wants to do that, the form is here.

Q: Let’s talk about zoning. What would Adventure Church have to do to be a church in that space? And why is zoning so important to the surrounding businesses?

A: Religious Assembly is not permitted in buildings in excess of 2,000 square feet in the CMS (Commercial-Main Street) zone, even for accessory use. If they want to hold services and operate as an events center, they’ll need to submit a General Plan/ Rezone Application and a Conditional Use Permit.

The church is saying it has no desire to change the zoning and that it just wants to host “incidental” services, but the specific zoning laws stipulate that to legally hold any “religious assembly” there, even accessory, they will be required to request a change of zoning and get a conditional use permit. This is because the district plan was very intentionally set up to not let churches operate in non-church buildings and because the size of the building is well over 2,000 square feet. The entertainment venues and bars and restaurants in Tower have a very symbiotic relationship, but it is also a fragile one, this being a capitalist society and our whole district sort of being an alternative to the “norm’” A major move like this would upset the balance of everything. I’ve heard the church is suing the city for the right to hold services but I’m guessing the ACLU will eventually get involved, too. If there is any truth to that we could be in for a long battle ahead.

Q: What are the economic implications?

A: There are many. It can affect what types of business can operate within a certain radius of the theater and who current businesses can sell to. It can affect home and business values. It might affect the appeal of the district being a destination spot for the county. And churches are tax-exempt, including sales tax and property tax. There are a lot of messy areas within that one issue alone.

I’m not sure if Painted Table has first rights when it comes to purchasing but they are supposed to have Right of Refusal in their contract (along with Me N Eds and Sequoia). Jeromie Hansen (of The Painted Table) testified to this at the community zoom last week. None of the current businesses were told about this sale until it was in escrow. Does that breach of contract mean anything when it comes to The Painted Table’s counter offer? Only time will tell.

Q: You asked about people’s religious affiliations for the petition. What kind of response did you get? Why did you think that was important?

We felt we had to let people list their faiths because we knew we were going to see lots of church-goers and Christians on our side. But we got submissions from more faith groups than we ever thought possible. Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus, Quakers, Seventh Day Adventists, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Satanists, and SO many more. The church has been putting out this false narrative that they’re the ones being persecuted, but this public outrage shows the dissent is about so much more than them being a church. People are concerned for economic, historical, and cultural reasons. They’re worried about the health of businesses that have been here for decades. They’re worried about the values of their homes going down.They’re worried about their safety and well-being. They’re worried about losing the unspoken vibe of the district, which already hangs in such a delicate balance to begin with and is really suffering right now due to the pandemic.

There are so many different reasons people oppose this sale. For those of us at the front of the advocacy, it’s difficult to do right by all the different voices (business owners, homeowners, the queer community, the artist population, etc.) while still navigating our own strong personal feelings about it all. When I took the time to write out all the different faith groups that were behind us in this fight, it made me a little misty-eyed because it shows such a strong unification of people from all sorts of walks of life who understand how sacred and precious and unique this district is, even if we all love it for different reasons. I myself haven’t even really been able to grieve the potential loss of two performance spaces in a town already so short on venues, because there are so many additional things I’m upset about and so many arguments I feel like I need to present for other people who have even more at stake in this than I do.

Q: How about the fact that the church proclaims itself to be a “welcoming” congregation to the queer community?

A: Up until this week, if you visited the “Our Beliefs” section of the church’s website, you would have been taken to a link that says they explicitly believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. The queer community and their allies have called the church’s bluff on this “we welcome everyone” language because so many of us know, from painful lived experienced, that the whole “love the sinner/hate the sin” stance can be just as dangerous and toxic as outright homophobia. When you think you’re in a safe space and then you learn the people who claim to love you think you need to be fixed in order to be whole….the amount of mental distress and time theft that can come from those sorts of relationships is incredibly damaging, especially if you throw god into the mix. If anything comes out of this whole mess, I hope the church recognizes that you can’t pull wool over the eyes of a marginalized community.

The fact that the church doesn’t seem to understand this distinction, or the difference between “not protesting” our Pride celebrations in Tower versus marching in the parades and fundraising to help put them on, like many of our true pro-queer churches do, is one of the many reasons why it’s clear to residents they do not jive with the spirit of our district. The church really needs to reconcile this stance before they come into a hard-earned, intentionally carved out safe space and accuse us of being the intolerant ones for not wanting them to control the very heart of our sacred corner of the world. Their behavior feels very gas-lightly.

I take the time to say any of this because it is one of the areas that keeps getting the most media attention and because it is one of the most visceral sticking points for me personally, but ultimately, even if Adventure Church was the most pro-queer church on the planet, many business owners, home owners, artists, queers, and residents would still be protesting this sale for a multitude of economic reasons. The church’s beliefs are not the main opposition to the sale, by any means.

Q: I understand that there is a stipulation in the sale that the Tower would continue to be used for a certain number of cultural events a year. However, I wonder how that could be enforced. What are your thoughts?

A: It certainly gets sticky. I don’t know how that would be enforced, who they say gets to book the space and who they turn away. But say they didn’t have to rezone and they agree to hold all the weird, gay, progressive cultural events that Tower folk want. What do those events even look like with a church in charge? Adventure Church flags waving outside of rock concerts in front of that beautiful historic marquee? Pre-show commercials on screen asking folks to come to the “welcoming” congregation on Sunday? Church members handing out pamphlets and trying to convert patrons in the lobby?

Also, there is something to be said about the position they are putting residents in. Many of us are the sort of conscious consumer who won’t shop on Amazon because of their tax avoidance and poor working conditions. We won’t go to Chick Fil A because they support conservative, anti-gay legislation. We moved to an area of town where we can shop local rather than at chain stores. But now we’re supposed to attend events that fund a church that doesn’t uphold the values of the neighborhood? By purchasing tickets at the theater or food at any of the businesses that rent space it now owns, we now either have to help contribute to its growing empire or watch those businesses fail and let Adventure Church install other like-minded businesses in their place and watch our district change from the center out. It’s lose-lose.

Even if none of this mattered, can we take them at their word? They’ve shown us for nearly a year that they don’t care about the united spirit of the neighborhood with their flagrant disregard for COVID regulations. They hold multiple services on Sunday while Good Company Players remains closed to matinee audiences directly across the street. It’s such a slap in the face to the people who have poured their money and life’s work into making this district appealing enough for them to want to purchase here in the first place.

Q: Has anyone from the Fools and Rogue and other groups protesting the sale had a discussion with reps from Adventure Church? Has anyone asked Adventure Church if it would continue to allow Reel Pride to be screened at the Tower?

They don’t seem interested in having a dialogue with us. I do think many of the community advocates we’re working with would be open to talking to members of the church, but I’m also pretty sure most of us are also crossing our fingers and toes for Painted Table to pull through on this purchase. I don’t know what there really is to talk about until we see how things land. Rod and Jeromie Hansen of The Painted Table have showed up for the Tower District in big ways since they’ve been on that corner of Wishon and Olive- they’re huge donors of cultural events in the neighborhood, they’re present for the parades and the festivals, they support other local businesses and community groups (The Fools have their own personal story of The Painted Table helping us out when our Rogue Festival venue got rained out). They jive with the vibe of the district, whereas Pastor Flores has mentioned goals like “cleaning up” Tower and giving it a “redemptive lift” and “making it family friendly”. These are not things our community is asking for, so when the church leaders keep talking about how they just “want to love on” us, it’s really hard as a resident not to see that love as anything but conditional, unsolicited, and unwelcome.

Q: How do you respond to people who say the Tower is privately owned and the owners have the right to sell it to whomever they wish?

A: Yes, legally speaking, the Tower Theatre and surrounding commercial properties are privately owned and the owners have the right to sell it to whomever they want. But the zoning laws are in our favor and they exist for a reason. The church is the one asking for the extraordinary special consideration here, not us.

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I would also say that people who make the argument that “the owners have a right to sell it to whoever” don’t understand community and legacy or safe spaces or really anything else that makes Tower the special place it is. I’ve heard from many people that Dottie Abbate would be rolling in her grave if she knew of this purchase of her beloved theater. I didn’t know her personally but, man, I think about how upsetting it’d be if I left a performing arts space to the community I love so much and then someone tried to turn it in into a church years after my death. That makes me want to fight the sale in honor of her memory, alone. You can do a lot of things legally but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

This sale could also set a dangerous precedent for other cultural districts and gayborhoods. It’d basically be another instance demonstrating that money, influence, and homogenous Christian lifestyles are more valuable than the voices of the people who live on the land. We’ve seen what can happen to neighborhoods and communities when voices are ignored. It will be no different here. Tower District as we know it will cease to exist if this is allowed to happen. That’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: I want to tell people who are on our side to try and argue the facts of this dissent rather than the emotions as much as possible. I’ve managed to convert several people who’ve asked “What’s all the fuss about?” or “Why do these people hate churches?” just by laying out all the basic facts. When you resort to calling people names, you lose their potential allyship. Believe me, I know it’s hard to take the high road all the time, but sometimes you can get better results if you bite your tongue and stick to focusing on all the economic disasters that will come out of this sale. And lastly, I want to say how thankful I am to live in a neighborhood where people find community, history, art, and individuality as sacred as I do.

19 January 2020


We, the undersigned, represent Tower District residents, supporters, businesses, churches, and cultural arts organizations. We are writing to voice our united and strong opposition to Adventure Church’s request for a special rezoning of the historic Tower Theatre, and we urge the Tower District Design Review Committee, the District 1 Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Fresno City Council to deny this extraordinary request.

We emphasize that our opposition to the proposed rezoning is not an objection to a church per se. Faith-based organizations are welcome to operate in the Tower District, as long as they comply with the same zoning regulations that other organizations must follow.

We object to the proposed special rezoning of the Tower Theatre for these reasons:

• The current zoning of the Tower Theatre is a critical part of the existing Tower District Specific Plan, which was created by the City to maintain the historic character of the Tower District. A rezone of the Tower Theatre will be a radical change to the Tower District Specific Plan that will irrevocably harm the Tower District’s historic character.

• Adventure Church has not made a positive case why they should be granted an extraordinary exception to the Tower District Specific Plan, which was created to preserve the neighborhood’s character and the interests of existing residents and businesses.

• The proposed rezoning threatens the conditional use permits of existing businesses in the Tower District that provide employment and enjoyment to Tower District residents and are essential to the economic well-being of the neighborhood. These businesses generate substantial tax revenue for the City. The owners of these businesses have invested their time, life savings, and years of hard work to build their businesses, while complying with every city regulation related to zoning, alcohol sales, performance and dance permits, and operations limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic. A rezone that injures the value and operations of existing or businesses would be fundamentally unfair.

• The proposed rezoning threatens the economic recovery of the Tower District from the Covid-19 lockdown. We hope that new restaurants and bars will open in the Tower in the future and that these new businesses will be able to secure conditional use permits. A rezoning that restricts future business development in the Tower District will be a permanent drag on the economy of the Tower.

• Replacing a prominent business location that includes four separate commercial properties with a tax-exempt church will lower the City’s tax revenue.

• Removing the most prominent performance venue in the Tower District will heavily damage the revenues of existing businesses. The Tower Theatre is a major attraction that brings many diverse visitors to the Tower District who patronize the neighborhood’s restaurants, bars, and other businesses. The long-term health of the Tower District’s bars, restaurants, and nightlife is absolutely essential to the Tower District’s character as a performing arts district. Performing arts venues cannot attract audiences to the Tower District without the support infrastructure of bars, restaurants, and other amenities that add to the festive atmosphere of the neighborhood.

• Locating the Adventure Church in the Tower Theatre building will create economic blight in the Tower District. It has been well documented that churches depress business operations around them.

• Replacing the most prominent performance venue in the Tower District with a church-owned operation will injure the neighborhood’s character as a performing arts district. The neighborhood’s brand identity is a district of fun, freedom, arts, entertainment, and alternative thinking and living, and this is essential for maintaining the attractiveness of the Tower District as a center of leisure and shopping.

• The proposed rezoning will also damage the property values of existing residential real estate in the Tower District. Proximity to the Tower Theatre, shops, restaurants, bars, and nightlife is a desirable amenity that increases the value of Tower residential property, and that will be damaged if the nightlife of the Tower is diminished.

• The loss of the Tower Theatre as a performance venue will threaten the continued operations of many community arts organizations that have held screenings at the Tower Theatre, including the nationally recognized Reel Pride LGBTQ Film Festival, Fresno Filmworks, the Rogue Festival, and others. We understand that Adventure Church has said that they will continue to operate the Tower Theatre as a performance venue, but that promise is not a binding legal agreement, and there is no way to enforce this promise, nor guarantee what new restrictions and requirements will come along with such arrangements, given their faith-based perspective. Furthermore, we do not believe that Adventure Church is prepared to offer the facility for the free, unhindered expression of views and values that they might find objectionable.

• We believe that the Adventure Church is antithetical to the community values of the Tower District. The Tower District community has a deep, unified commitment to be welcoming to all, most especially to the LGBTQ+ community. The Tower District is the largest LGBTQ+ affirming community in the Central Valley, and the Tower District community is united in a firm moral commitment to keep our neighborhood queer affirming. A tolerant congregation is not the same as an open and affirming one.

• We have been greatly disturbed by reports from Tower District residents that Adventure Church members have harassed members of the Tower District community, including LGBTQ+ people and paying customers of existing legal Tower District businesses. By the reported actions of its members, Adventure Church seems determined to permanently alter the character of the neighborhood against the will of existing residents and business owners.

• Adventure Church has repeatedly refused to obey City ordinances. They have held services for months at the Tower Theatre in violation of existing zoning and in defiance of COVID-19 social distancing rules. The City has repeatedly advised Adventure Church that they are in violation of City ordinances, and Adventure Church has ignored these warnings. We do not believe it is right for Adventure Church to ask for a special rezoning from the City when they have refused to abide by existing regulations.

For these reasons, we of the Tower District community urge the Tower District Design Review Committee, the District 1 Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Fresno City Council to keep the existing zoning in place and not grant the special rezoning request of Adventure Church.



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Mary Losoya, President of the Congregation of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
Tyler Mackey – Executive Director, Tower District Marketing Committee
James D. Martinez – Trustee – Fresno County Board of Education
James Michael – Former Chair of the City of Fresno Historic Preservation Commission
Annalisa Perea – Tower District Design Review Committee Member
Michael S. Reyna – Fresno EOC Sanctuary Advisory Board Committee Member
Kiel Lopez-Schmidt- Chair of Broadway Parque Committee

(arranged alphabetically by last name)

. . .


Joel C. Abels, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Taylor Abels Rodriguez, Supporter/Artist
Daniel Abels Rodriguez, Supporter/Artist
Terry Wayne Ables, Homeowner
Leonor Aburto, Supporter
Britnie Acosta, Supporter
Bill Adams, Supporter
Carianne Adams, Supporter, Buddhist
Katherine Adams, Homeowner, Contemplative Christian
Noel Adams, Resident
Richard Edwin Adamson, Homeowner/Artist, Episcopalian
Stephanie Adanalian, Resident/Homeowner
Paige M Addington, Supporter/Educator, United Methodist
Dre Aersolon, Supporter, Pagan
Carissa Aflahue, Homeowner, Methodist
Cameron Andrea Aguilar
Katrina Janene Aguilar, Resident
Justin Aguilar Acevedo, Resident
Ernesto Aguirre, Supporter
Monique Aguirre, Resident
Lena Agulian, Resident
Ashlee Agundiz, Supporter
Abi Alaniz, Resident
Brooke Aiello, Resident/Artist/Educator
Jean Anger, Supporter, Catholic
Brianne Ainley, Resident
Ashley Airheart, Supporter, Christian
Nadia Al-Said, Resident/Artist, Muslim
Alanna, Supporter, Christian
David Alexander, Artist
Katherine Alexander, Supporter
John Alden, Resident/Artist
Mohamed Alkurdi, Supporter, Islam
Maddie Allen, Artist
Peter Allen, Artist/Educator
Rebecca Allen, Homeowner
Brittani Allington, Supporter, Christian
Jennifer Alonzo, Supporter
Andria Alvarado, Resident
Breanna Alvarez, Supporter, Christian
Danielle Alvarez, Former Resident
Vanessa Amador, Supporter, Christian
Amanda Ambriz, Supporter
Adrian Ammsso, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Melabi Amponsah, Supporter, Christian
George Anaya, Business Owner
Esther Anderson, Supporter, Christian
Lisa Anderson, Supporter
Natalie Anderson, Supporter
Julie L. Andrews, Supporter/Artist
Chelsea Andrus, Resident
Ryan Anton, Homeowner
Dave Apkarian, Supporter
Jennifer Appleby, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Armando David Aragon III, Supporter, Christian
Peggy D. Aragon, Supporter
Vanessa Aranda, Supporter
Cherie Aranjo, Artist
Tainese Arceneaux, Resident
Chimine Arfuso, Ph.D., Educator, Palo Mayombe
Anthony Arias, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Stacey Marie Arizmendez, Homeowner
Arantes Marcos Armendariz, Supporter/Artist
Daisy Armenta, Supporter
Dylan Armitage, Resident/Educator
Anthony “AP” Armour, Resident, Christian
Sarah Elizabeth Arrellano, Artist
Samantha Marie Arrellano, Resident, Catholic
Audrey Arthur, Supporter
Ray Arthur, Supporter, Episcopalian
Tamara Lynn Asher, Resident
Leslie Ashford, Supporter, Christian
Ananda Aspen, Homeowner
John Astorga, Artist
Jessica Auck, Supporter
Michael Ray Ault, Resident/Artist
Clyde Albert Auston, Resident/Retired Educator
Kacey Auston, Supporter, Christian
Christian Avakian, Supporter
Autumn Avila, Supporter
Ricardo Avila, Supporter
Myrna Axt, Artist
Raelynn Aziz, Supporter


Janis E. Babcock, Supporter
Morgan Babcock, Employee
Caroline Baca-Vecchio, Artist, Unitarian Universalist
Samuel Timothy Badgett, Supporter
Justin Badorine, Resident/Artist
Debra Bagdasarian, Homeowner
Christine Bagetakos, Homeowner, Greek Orthodox
Jacob “Luffy” Bailey, Resident, Educator, Artist
David Baker, Resident
Katreena Baker, Resident/Educator
Laure Baker, Resident/Artist
Marvin Baker, Educator, Christian
Nishea Balajadia, Resident/ Parent/Community Organizer, Christian
Karina Balfour, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Casey Marie Ballard, Artist
Miranda Baiz, Supporter
Kathleen Bailey, Resident, Catholic
Morgan Baly, Resident
Adam Balto, Supporter
April Banda, Supporter, Catholic
Shannon Banks, Employee, Christian
Gordon Bankston, Homeowner
Marian Bankston, Homeowner
Kathy Barba, Educator, Unitarian Universalist
Seth Barber, Supporter
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Ginny Barnes, Educator
Sara Lane Barnett, Supporter
David Barr, Supporter, Christian
Jeff Barrett, Supporter
Pamela Bartlett, Supporter, Episcopalian
Justin Barton, Supporter
Willie Barrera, Supporter
Charles Mark Bauer, Supporter
Emily Bauer, Supporter
Kristel Baumgartner-Kranz, Supporter
Samuel Baumgardner-Kranz, Supporter
Donna Beavers, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Kristi Beck, Supporter
Yvette Beck, Business Owner/Supporter
Elaine Beckham, Artist
Edward Beckman, Homeowner, Christian
Bryan Beckstrand, Resident/Artist
Jill Bedford, Supporter
Ryan Jewell Beene, Supporter
Mithradad Behbehani, Supporter/Student
Sara Belezzuoli, Supporter
Deborah Bell, Supporter
Micaela Bell, Supporter
Lisa Beltran, Supporter, Catholic
Nicolas Beltran, Supporter
Alyssa Benitez, Artist
Jaguar Bennett, Resident/Artist
Patricia J. Bennett, Supporter, Unitarian Universalist
Tina Bennett, Supporter
Heather Berg, Supporter, Buddhism
Loralee Bergdall, Artist, Pagan
Michelle Karen Bergeron, Former Resident
Nancy Berry, Supporter
Wendy Berry, Supporter
Lindsay Betita, Supporter, Chrsitian
Sarah Betita-Polanco, Supporter
Audrey Betz, Resident/Artist
John Beynon, Supporter
Ivars Bezdechi, Supporter
Bonnie Biddlecome, Resident
Cherokee Bingham, Supporter
Bryan Bird, Former Resident/ Supporter
Michael Birdsong, Resident
Pat Birkle, Supporter, Christian
Ethel Birrell, Artist
Jordan Bischof, Artist
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Denise Bissett, Supporter, Christian
Solon Bixler, Artist, Multidimensional
Jim Blagg, Supporter
Diane M. Blair, Educator
Augie G. Blancas, Supporter
Dallas J. Blanchard, Resident
Rudy Blanco, Resident
Ian Blesse, Supporter/Artist
Angela Bloodworth-Wanamaker, Supporter, Christian
Chloe Bockoven, Supporter
Kathleen Boitano, Supporter, Episcopalian
Madi Bollinger, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Kelly Bollman, Supporter/Artist
Timothy Bollman, Supporter
Laura Bolton, Supporter/Educator
Rowan Bolton, Supporter
Jenni Bonsignore, Supporter, Catholic
Benjamin Vester Boone, Homeowner
Wayne Boos, Supporter, Lutheran
Tom Boroujeni, Resident/Artist
Helen Boshian, Artist
Mary Bouton, Supporter, Progressive Christian
David S. Bouttavong, Resident, Buddhist
Quinn Bowman, Artist
Jenise Diana Box, Supporter
Rebecca Joann Boyd, Supporter, Catholic
John P. Boyle, Supporter, Catholic
Michaela Boyles, Supporter
Stephanie Bradshaw, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Person of Faith
Kelly Braley, Supporter, Catholic
Julie K Branam Adolph, Supporter
Marissa Brandon, Supporter
Thani Brant, Artist
Leif Keeley Bramer, Supporter/Artist
Talisha Brantley, Resident, Gnostic
Camille Bratkowski, Supporter, Christian
Michael Braun, Homeowner, Catholic
Maureen Brewster, Supporter
Kylie Briggs, Resident
India Brletic, Resident/Employee
Cody J. Briscoe, Artist
Alyssa Brooks, Supporter, Catholic
Barbara Brooks, Resident
Ashley Brown, Supporter/Educator
Becky Brown, Supporter
Candice Brown, Supporter
Christian Brown, Resident
Christopher Glenn Brown, Resident/Artist, Christian
Judith Brown, Resident
Shawn William Brown, Supporter
Jocelyn Brownell, Resident, Christian
Tabitha L Bruce, Supporter
Mollie Brum, Artist
Peyton R. Bryars, Supporter, Episcopal
Janise Buck, Supporter
Debbie Buffington, Former Resident
Christine Bulbulian Barile, Supporter
Kaitlin Bulger, Supporter
Amber Bulmer, Supporter/Artist
Aaron Burdick, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Kerry Lynn Burge, Homeowner
Sharon Marie Burley, Supporter
Raquel M. Busani, Supporter
Kirsta Busch, Supporter
Emily Bushman, Supporter
Julie Butler, Resident, Christian
Lauren Butler, Supporter
Nate Butler, Resident/Artist/Tower Employee
Courtney Butterfield, Supporter
Shana Butterfield, Resident
Ashley Bybee, Resident


Yahaira Caballero-Herrera, Resident
Cassandra G Cabral, Artist, Christian
Beth Caffrey, Supporter
Carla Caffrey-Casiano, Resident, Atheist
Suliana Caldwell, Supporter, Catholic
Jacqueline Callaway, Tower Employee, Norse Pagan
Toni Camack Junio, Former Resident, Spiritual
Cynthia Camberos, Former Resident
Cynthia Ann Cameron, Homeowner/Artist/Educator, Nondenominational
Danny Cameron, Supporter/Artist
Jane Camoroda, Supporter
Stephanie Camoroda LCSW, Supporter
Amy Campbell, Supporter
Beth Ashley Campbell, Tower Employee
Cody Campbell, Supporter, Christian
Coreen Campos, Supporter
Marisol Campos, Supporter
Abigail Cano, Supporter
Sofia Marie Cano, Resident/Employee
Patty Cappelluti, Supporter
Giovanni Cardenas, Resident
Marcus Anthony Cardenas, Resident/Artist, Catholic
Jon Carnero, Supporter, Catholic
Brian Carnes, Resident
Amanda Carney, Resident
Oliver Caro-Wilcox, Supporter, Christian
Jeret Carpenter, Resident
Robert “Duckie” Carpenter, Resident
Sarah Carr, Resident
Yasoda Carreras, Supporter
Natalie Carle, Supporter
Seth Carlock, Supporter
Michelle Carrillo, Tower Business Owner/Resident/Artist
Dan Carrion, Artist
Andrea Carrisosa, Supporter, Catholic
Catrina Carter, Resident
Marko Carter, Supporter, Tribunal Temple
Albert Casares, Supporter
Jazmine Casas, Resident, Christian
Ruben Casas, Supporter
Lexie Castellanos, Supporter/Artist
Elizabeth Renee Castillo, Supporter, Christian/Catholic
Aidan Castro, Supporter
Heather Marie Castro, Supporter
Mario Castro, Supporter
Robert Cawley, Homeowner
Eric Anthony Cazares, Resident/Student/LGBTQIA+ Member
Reyna Cazares, Supporter
Joseph M. Catania, Resident, Christian
Cyndle Tye Cee, Supporter/Artist
Janette Cee-Sumner, Resident
Anna Cedillo, Supporter, Christian
Madeline Cedillo, Supporter
Natalie Cedillo, Former Resident/Educator
Cynthia Cerda, Resident
Kristen Cerda, Supporter
Monica Cerda, Resident/Tower Business Owner
Andrew Cervantes, Supporter
Sarah Cervantes, Resident
Angelo Joseph Cervantes, Artist, Spiritual
Matt Chacon, Supporter
Sara Chacon, Supporter
Krystle Chamberlain, Supporter
Shai Chang, Supporter
Honora Chapman, Homeowner/Educator, Catholic
Alena Chaps, Resident, Catholic
Amanda Chavira, Supporter
Adam Chavez, Artist, Catholic Christian
Alexx Chavez, Artist
Angela Chavez, Supporter
Bruce Chavez Jr., Homeowner
Celina Chavez, Supporter
Clara Chavez, Homeowner, Christian
Claudia Chavez (AKA Maximus Orgazmo), Resident/Artist
Emily Chavez, Supporter, Catholic
Jason Chavez, Supporter
Jazmin Chavez, Supporter, Christian
Katherine Elaine Chavez, Supporter, Christian
Marisol Chavez, Supporter
Vincent Chen, Supporter
Sarah Cheris, Supporter
Gregory Cherney, Educator
Nicolas Cherry, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Foridia Cheung, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Helen Cheng, Supporter/Artist
Jennifer Christy, Supporter, Catholic
Malcolm Church, Supporter/Former Resident
Steven Church, Resident/Artist
Cami Cipolla, Resident
Emily Cirbus, Supporter, Spiritual
Nancy A. Cisneros, Supporter
James Clark, Resident/Tower Employee
Jason Clark, Homeowner
Meg Clark, Resident
Kris Clarke, Homeowner
Shannon Clem, Supporter
Dawn Clement, Homeowner
Karisa Clenney, Supporter, Christian
Alexandria Marie Clifton, Homeowner
Sabrina Clifton, Resident
Xandria Clifton, Supporter/Artist
Dawn Coates, Resident/Employee
Dr. Ashley Coatney, Resident
Sadie Cobb, Supporter
Myra Coble, Resident
Tom Coble, Resident
Susan Cody, Resident
Susan Coggins, Homeowner/Artist, Universal Spirituality
Brett Cole, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Christopher Robert Cole, Resident/Artist
Glen Cole, Supporter
Whitney Cole, Supporter, Christian
Jordan Collins, Resident
Hayley Colvard, Supporter
Matt Comegys, Resident/Business Owner, Last Church of the First Laugh, Clergy
William B. Compton, Supporter
Marsha Conant, Supporter, Catholic
Doreen Confino, Supporter/Artist, Unitarian
Jules Confino, Supporter
Janay E. Conley, Resident, Christian/Spiritual
Paige Conner, Resident
Alyson Contor, Homeowner
Anna Contreras, Resident, Catholic
Carmen Contreras, Tower Employee
Julianna Contreras, Homeowner, Christian
Lara Contreras, Tower Business Owner/Resident/Artist
Laura M Contreras, Homeowner
Marcos Contreras, Supporter
Carrie Conyer, Supporter/Educator
Ivy Cook, Supporter
Jonathan Cook, Supporter
Tammy Ann Cook, Supporter/Educator, Pentecostal
Sara Cooksey, Supporter
Sarah Coombs, Resident
Maria Elizabeth Coon, Homeowner/Educator, Christian-Wiccan
Mindy Copeland, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Ric Copeland, Supporter
Scott Copeland, Supporter
Tracie Corazzini, Resident
Jose Francisco Cordova, Supporter
Cara Coronado, Artist, Christian
Corina Coronado, Supporter, Catholic
Calliope Correia, Resident, Unitarian Universalist
Dennis Corsaro, Supporter
Cathy L. Cory, Supporter, Native American
Lesley Cosaro, Supporter
Vince Cosentino, Artist
Yazmin Cosio, Supporter/Educator, Catholic
Domingo Cossio, Supporter
Chelsea Coulter, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Melissa Couret, Resident
Christine Cowan, Supporter
Courtney Cowin, Supporter/Educator, Christian
David Del Cox, Supporter/Educator
Erin Crandall, Homeowner
Tony Crapo, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Kristin Lyn Crase, Homeowner
Mallory Creasy, Resident
Anthony Cresap, Homeowner, Christian
Elizabeth Crifasi, Homeowner
Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby, Resident
Virginia Crisco, Fresno High Resident/Former Resident/Educator
Jennifer Criswell, Resident
Karen Crocket, Resident
Robin Crocket, Resident
Anne Crookham Wilson, Former Resident, St. Therese Catholic
Trent Cross, Resident
Mark Crosse, Homeowner
Aaron Ke ali’i kai Cruz, Supporter, Christian
Jennifer Cruz, Supporter, Spiritual
Melissa M Cuenca, Supporter, Catholic
Alissa Cummings, Artist
Desmond Cummings, Supporter
Jim Curnyn, Artist, Interfaith
Christy Currier, Supporter, Christian
Harmonie Cutter, Supporter


Andrew D’Olier, Homeowner, Christian
Heather D’Olier, Homeowner
Jordy Dakin, Resident/Educator
Carol Dales, Supporter
Hiyab Daniel, Supporter, Christian
Robert S. Daniels, Supporter
Alexandria Davenport, Supporter
Jasmine Davidson, Supporter, Christian
Bryan Raab Davis, Supporter, Former Homeowner
Catherine Davis, Supporter
Donna Davis, Supporter, Roman Catholic
Irene Davis, Musician/Educator
Jennifer Davis, Supporter
Jim Davis, Supporter
Lauren Davis, Supporter
Norma Davis, Homeowner/Arts Supporter, Catholic/Christian
Steven Davis, Homeowner
Jennifer Day, Supporter
Shannon Eric Day, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Vicki Dayton, Supporter, Christian
Jennifer Dean, Resident/Educator
Bryan DeBaets, Supporter/Artist
Allyson DeHaven, Resident
Dawn Deis, Tower Suporter, Christian
April de Jong, Resident
Brigid de Jong, Resident, Episcopalian
Eric de Jong, Resident
Enrique De La Cerda, Resident, Catholic
Renee De La Prade, Artist
Christopher De León, Resident, Christian
Dulcinea De Leon, Supporter
Leah DeBacker, Supporter
Alan DeCoronado, Supporter/Artist
Yadira Del Rincon, Artist, Christian
Paula (Pepper) DeLano-Doty, Resident/Artist, Christian
Andrea Delcore, Resident, Christian
Hank Delcore, Resident, Christian
Carmela Delgado, Resident
Macui-Xochitl Soria Delgado, Supporter/Artist, Unitarian Universalist
Taylor Delgado, Supporter/Artist
Glen Joseph Delpit, Resident/Artist/Musician
Brian Demers, Resident/Business Owner
Emma DenBesten, Artist
Wendy DenBesten, Supporter/Educator
Brent Denney, Resident, Christian
Debra DeRosa Parola, Supporter
Richard Derrick, Supporter
Jennifer Determan-Lewis, Educator
Andrew Derfelt, Supporter
Gibson Devens, Supporter/Artist
Constance Gutierrez Dewey, Supporter, Christian
Lia Christine Dewey, Artist
Doris Dialogu, Supporter
Jordan Diaz, Supporter, Christian
Jorge Diaz, Supporter, Catholic
Paul Diaz, Supporter, Catholic
Trini Diaz, Resident
Vince DiCicco, Supporter/Artist
Sarah Dick, Supporter
Carlie Dickens, Educator, Christian
Joshua Dickey, Resident, Christian
Kirin Dickson, Supporter
Michelle Diebert, Supporter
Diana Diehl, Resident
Derek Dill, Supporter
James DiSanto, Supporter
Michelle Dodd, Supporter
Strangely Timothy Doesburg, Artist, Episcopalian
Taylor Joseph Dolphin, Supporter, Hindu
Paul Dominguez, Supporter
Ralph Dominguez, Supporter, Catholic
Suhailey Dominiguez, Supporter
Amber Donat, Supporter
Miriam Dougherty, Supporter Christian
Bridget Douglas, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Sarah Downey, Tower Employee, Catholic
Lauren Downum, Resident
Lori Doyle Eaton, Supporter, Former Homeowner
Austin Dozier, Resident/Artist
Savannah Dragomanovich, Homeowner, Christian
Sarah Dresser, Supporter
David Drexler, Supporter
Elizabeth Drioane, Supporter/Educator
Prof. Caleb Duarte, Artist/Educator
Tyler Duerkssen, Supporter
Taylor Dufresne, Supporter
Horace C. Duncan, Artist, U.U. Church of Fresno
Kelsey Duncanson, Homeowner
Maegan Dunlap, Supporter
Steve Duquette, Supporter, Christian
Patricia Duran, Supporter


Jennifer Eachus, Supporter
Dianna Eads, Resident, Catholic
Carrieann Earles, Supporter
Noelle Eben, Supporter
James Eberle, Supporter, Christian
Melissa Echeverria, Supporter, Catholic
Robin M. Edinger, Supporter
Jillian Edwards, Homeowner, Love
Suzy Jane Edwards, Former Resident/Artist, Jewish
Koressa Edwards Mahaffey, Resident/Native
Megan Edwardsen, Supporter/Educator
Candace Egan, Educator
Erin Eisinger, Resident, Atheist/Reality-based
Anoush Ekparian-Hadden, Resident, Orthodox Christian
Jonathan Ekparian-Hadden, Resident/Artist, Christian
Emery Ellis, Homeowner
Jordan Ellis, Supporter
Jenn Emerling, Resident/Artist
David G. Engle, Supporter/Educator
Belinda Enriquez, Artist
Kitty Eberle, Supporter
Joseph Craig Erickson, Supporter
Marilyn Erickson, Supporter, Christian
Wynter Erickson, Resident
Annelise Escobedo, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Mae Espejo, Resident/Artist
Desiree Esqueda, Resident
Shannah Estep, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Brittany Estrada, Supporter
Tommy Estrada, Resident
J Christopher Esparza, Tower Business Owner, Buddhist
Cynthia Espinoza, Supporter
Jessie Espinoza, Supporter, Catholic
Catherine Evangelho, Supporter/Artist
Claire Evangelho, Supporter
Dan L. Evans, Homeowner/Artist, Buddhist
Michael S. Evans, Supporter
Raquel A Ewalt, Supporter/Artist, Christian


Barry Falke, Resident, Protestant
Kalliope Sabrina Famellos, Resident
Mariam A. Farah, Supporter
Roberto Carlos Farias, Supporter
Emalee Rae Farley, Resident
Jo Farley, Artist
Michelle Farmer, Supporter
Noah Fast, Homeowner, Christian
Dewi Louise Faulkner, Supporter, Christian
Clara L. Febach, Supporter
Laura Ann Fees, Homeowner
Gilbert Felix, Resident
Addie Ferguson, Supporter
Kimberly Ferguson, Supporter
Emily Fernandez, Resident
Diane Fidalgo, Supporter/Artist
Michael Fidalgo, Artist
Rosita Figueroa, Resident
Dave Filipczak, Resident/Employee
Kelsi Fink, Resident
Sabrina Fink, Supporter, Christian
Breanna M Finney, Tower Employee, Christian
Andrea Fischbach, Supporter
Arien Fisher, Supporter
Brian Robert Fisher, Supporter, Catholic
Bradley Fitzhenry, Resident
Orion Matthew Fitzhenry, Supporter
Jess Bear Fitzpatrick, Resident, Pagan
Jordan Fitzpatrick, Resident, Pagan
Calvin Fleming,Supporter
Ben Fletcher, Resident
Timothy Isaac Fletcher, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Trinaty Fletcher, Supporter
Edward W. Flitcraft, Educator
Alexandra Flores, Resident, Christian
Ana Christina Flores, Resident, Catholic
Dolores Flores, Supporter
Gregory Flores, Supporter
Lauryn Flores, Supporter, Christian
Michael Christopher Flores, Supporter/Artist
Laura Flores-Newberry, Homeowner
Katherine Fobear, Supporter
Lauren Folland, Artist
Dorian Margaret Follansbee, Supporter/Artist, Omnist
Lesley Fonseca, Supporter
Patrick Fontes, Resident/Educator/Professor, Jedi
Janet Forelo, Supporter, Unitarian Universalist
Monte Forkas, Resident/Homeowner
Teresa Dawn Ford, Resident, Baptist
Dans Suzanne Fortier, Homeowner
Lydia Fortner, Supporter/Artist
Tori Fosdick, Supporter
Courtney Becker Foster, Supporter, Christian
Melina Fountain, Tower Employee
Vickie Fouts, Former Resident/Supporter
Marsha Fox, Supporter
Philip Fox, Supporter
Elizabeth Fralicks, Supporter
Alexander Franco, Supporter, Catholic
Izabell Franco, Supporter
Jasmin Franco, Resident
Jennifer Franklin, Resident/Artist
Ryan Frates, Supporter, Christian
Jason Freeman, Homeowner, Christian
Soledad Freeman, Homeowner, Christian
Matthew C Freitas, Supporter/Artist
Jesse R Fretwell, Supporter, Mormon
Jacob Fries, Supporter
Katie Friesen, Resident/Business Owner
Madison Frisby, Supporter
Kenneth Froelich, Homeowner/Artist/Educator
Austin Frost, Supporter/Artist
Zana Frownfelter, Homeowner, Christian
Tiffany Fuller, Supporter
Anais Fryer, Supporter
Emma Fryer, Resident


David Gabrielson, Educator/Artist
Victor Gamiz, Homeowner, Catholic
Tracy Gainer, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Ellie Galindo, Supporter
Melanie Gall, Artist, Jewish
Amy Gallagher, Homeowner
Yenifer Gallegos-Mejia, Supporter, Catholic
Monica Galvan, Artist, Spiritual
Jennie Gambell, Supporter, Christian
Ava Gambero, Supporter
Elizabeth Ganshorn, Christian
Vanessa Garabedian, Supporter
Aliyah Garcia, Supporter
Anthony Garcia, Supporter, Christian
Cecilia C. Garcia, Supporter, Catholic
Charles V. Garcia, Resident
Dario J Garcia, Resident
Darlene Garcia, Supporter
Destiny Garcia, Supporter
Diana Garcia, Artist
Emily Garcia, Supporter, Christian
Kassandra Garcia, Resident/Artist/Educator
Julie Garcia, Supporter, Quaker/Society of Friends
Lauren Garcia, Resident, Christian
Lisa Victoria Garcia, Resident/Supporter
Mariah Garcia, Resident
Naomi Garcia, Supporter, Catholic
Julie Marie Garfoot, Supporter
Tod Philip Garfoot, Supporter
Dianne K. Garrigus, Supporter
Richmond R. Garrigus, Supporter
Alexandra Garza, Resident, Christian
Anyssa Garza, Supporter, Christian
Pete Gaspar, Resident
Miguel A. Gastelum, Supporter/Artist
Andrew Gaston, Supporter, Christian
Camille Gaston, Resident/Artist, Christian
Cynthia Gaston, Supporter, Christian
Melody Gaston, Supporter, Christian
Lisa Marie Gatewood, Supporter, Catholic
Kuiama Gatz, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Keri Bibb Gavaletz, Supporter, Christian
Janelle C. Gaxiola, Supporter
Irene Gaytan, Supporter
Karen Geffken, Resident/Artist
Shari L. Geller, Supporter
Heather Lynn Gerard, Artist
Nada R Gerard, Supporter
Blayne Gerringer, Supporter
Melissa Geston, Resident/Artist
Lyric Gianni, Resident, Christian
Franco M Giannone II, Resident/Artist, Christian
Melissa Dana Gibson, Supporter
Richard Lloyd Giddens Jr., Homeowner/Artist/Educator
Jessica Giffen, Supporter
Chad Gifford, Resident/Supporter, Christian
Magda Gilewicz, Supporter
Andrea Gillo, Resident
Edward Gillum, Homeowner/Artist/Professor
Rhiannon Gilmore, Supporter/Artist
Ryan Gilmore, Supporter/Artist
Eric David Gipson, Supporter, Protestant
Lisa Marie Gipson, Christian
Hope N Giordano, Supporter, Episcopal
Christopher Glass, Homeowner
Cassandra Glazebrook, Supporter/Educator
Chase Glosier, Supporter
Heather Glosier, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Kathleen Godfrey, Homeowner
Kristin Goehring, Supporter/Artist
Michael Golding, Supporter
Daniel Goldstein, Resident, Jewish
Angela Gollihar, Supporter
Chris Golston, Homeowner
Brianne Gomes, Supporter
Carlee Gomez, Supporter
Cintia Gomez, Supporter/Educator
Evely Gomez, Supporter
Jacqueline N Gomez, Artist
Jorge E. Gomez Jr., Resident
Angel Gonzales, Supporter
Anthony Gonzales, Homeowner
Rudy Gonzales, Homeowner
Alexandra Gonzalez, Supporter, Catholic
Alexis Gonzalez, Tower Artist
Crystal A Gonzalez, Supporter
Evangelina Gonzalez, Supporter/Artist
Jorge Gonzalez, Resident
Marc Gonzalez, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Baptist Christian
Samantha Gonzalez, Supporter
Stephanie Gonzalez, Homeowner
Xavier E’Lon Gonzalez, Resident/Artist
Sabina Gonzalez-Erana, Supporter
Rebecca Goodmon, Supporter, Christian
Katarzyna Goodarzi, Supporter
Peter Goodwin, Tower Employee
David Gordon, Citizen, Christian
Amber Gorman, Supporter
Edward Gorostiza, Artist
Aaron Gossett, Tower Business Owner
Logan Gosswiller, Supporter
Jessica Gottschall, Supporter
David Lafayette Goudelock, Artist, Christian
Robin Gowen, Supporter, Christian
Kimberly Gragston, Supporter, Christian
Gailan Sabin Gray, Artist/Educator
Denise Grayson, Supporter, Unitarian Universalist
Denise K. Graziani, Homeowner
Suzanne Grazyna, Artist
Teri Green, Homeowner
Charlotte Greenwood, Homeowner
Sadie Ann Gregg, Supporter, Church of England
AJ Griem, Resident
Dominic Grijalva, Supporter/Artist
Alexander Grimaldi, Supporter
Eric Gross, Resident
Amanda Gruszczynski, Supporter
Emelia Guadarrama, Resident
Fred Guerra, Supporter
Jean Guerra, Supporter
Marlene Guerra, Supporter
Allison A. Guinn, Resident/Supporter, Christian
Celeste Christine Guirola, Supporter
Angel Guillen, Supporter, Catholic
Jesse Guillen, Resident/Artist, Roman Catholic
Madison Gulley, Supporter
Brian Michael Gunn, Supporter
Joel Gurss, Homeowner
Lori Guthrie, Supporter
Christopher Gutierrez, Supporter
Jose Gutierrez, Resident
Marisa Gutierrez, Supporter/Educator
Tanya Gutierrez, Supporter
Robert Gutierrez, Supporter
Emily Guyette, Supporter
Juan Luís Guzmán, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Catholic
Paloma Gwin, Supporter


Danielle Haas, Supporter
Elizabeth Habib, Resident, Christian
Amy Haener, Supporter
Léoh Hailu-Ghermay, Supporter
Katherine Hale, Supporter/Artist
Corrine Hales, Homeowner/Supporter
John Hales, Homeowner, Educator
Brittany Hall, Resident
Elizabeth Hall, Supporter/Artist
Lindsay Marie Hall, Supporter/Realtor, Christian
Stacey Hall, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Amber Hall-Holmes, Supporter, Baptist
Lauren Abigail Halstead, Educator, Christian
Iris Halton, Supporter/Former Resident, Jewish
Lorie Ann Ham, Supporter/Artist/Media, Christian
Devon Leigh Hamblett, Resident
Martin Hammer, Supporter
Michelle Hanamaika’i, Supporter
John Hannah, Supporter
Autumn Hansen, Supporter
Erik Hansen, Supporter
Gwyn Roman Elrich Hansen, Supporter, Lutheran
Jeromie Hansen, Resident
Michael Hansen, Supporter
Rod Hansen, Resident
Andy Hansen-Smith, Supporter, Christian
Karen J. Hansen-Smith, Supporter/Artist
Moira Harada, Educator, Christian
Alexander Harbour, Supporter
Bryan Harley, Supporter
Ramona Haro, Supporter
Chelsea Harper, Supporter/Artist
Lindsay Harper, Supporter
Arlen Harris, Resident
Regina Michelle Harris, Supporter/Artist
Desiree Harvey, Resident, Christian
Elena Harvey Collins, Artist/Curator
Brandalyn Hastings, Resident, Christian
Christy Hathaway, Artist
Chelsea Hatler, Supporter
Mitchell Lam Hau, Artist
Lauri Haun-Jones, Supporter, Christian
Kimberly Hauxhurst, Supporter
Debra Hawkins, Tower Theatre, Nondenominational
Steven Hay, Educator, Protestant
Lawrence Haynes, Resident, Catholic
Ron Head, Supporter
Bambi Heckmann, Supporter
Sara Hedgepeth-Harris, Supporter
Donald Heflin, Supporter
Bonnie Heintz, Supporter
Caleb Helsel, Supporter
Sheri Helseth, Supporter, Christian
Norla Marie Henderson, Homeowner
Ziang Her, Artist
Manda Taylor Herbert, Resident, Christian
Steven Herbert, Resident
Angela Hernandez, Supporter
Angelica Hernandez, Supporter, Christian
Augustine Hernandez, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Daniel Hernandez, Supporter, Christian
Jose Escobar Hernandez, Homeowner, Presbyterian
Juan Hernandez, Supporter, Catholic
Justin Hernandez, Supporter, Catholic
Paul Hernandez (AKA Leilani Price), Resident/Artist
Seline Hernandez, Supporter
Sierra Hernandez, Artist/Writer, Christian
Tom Hernandez, Tower Property Owner/Supporter/Artist/Tower Fan
Cristina Herrera, Supporter/Educator
Alejandra Herreros, Artist
J. Daniel Herring, Artist/Educator
Cato Heskett, Resident
Dorie Hibanada, Supporter, Christian
Ashlee Hickey, Homeowner
Lauren Hiebert, Supporter
Carey Higgins-Dobney, Supporter/Educator
Arla Hile, Supporter/Educator
Alana Hill, Resident, Christian
Samantha Hill, Supporter
Chelsea Jo Hilliard, Supporter/Educator
Aisha Hills, Supporter
Benjamin Hills, Supporter
Erin Hinojosa, Resident, Christian (progressive)
Melanie Hirahara, Educator
Kassandra Hishida, Resident
Jeremy Hitch, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Jean Hoelscher, Supporter, Christian
Brandon Hoffman, Artist
Christopher Hoffman, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Jonathan Hogan, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Alexis Holladay, Supporter/Artist
Erica Lynn Holland, Tower Rupporter/Employee, Christian
Margarita Holguin, Supporter
Alante Hollingsworth, Supporter
Alyssa Holste, Supporter
Jaime Holt, Supporter
Cody Hoover, Resident
Tiffany Hope, Supporter
Del R. Hornbuckle, Supporter
Heather Horsley, Supporter, Educator
Shawn Thomas Hoskins, Art
Andrea Hostetler, Resident, Catholic
Robin Hostetler, Resident, Catholic
Elizabeth Hotlen, Supporter
Harry Houck, Homeowner
Stephanie Houk, Supporter/Artist
Kimberly Michelle Houston, Supporter/Artist
Julia Howell, Supporter
Joshua L. Howk, Supporter
Kenneth W. Howes, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Luis Huerta, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Chris Hughes, Resident
Emma Hughes, Supporter
Laura Huisinga, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Jeff C. Hunter, Homeowner, Eudcator
Melissa Hunter, Supporter
Jennifer I. Hurd, Supporter/Artist/Educator
David Hurst, Educator
Katherine Hutchings, Homeowner, Christian
Sarah K. Hutchinson, Resident
Ashley Hyatt, Supporter/Artist, Orthodox Christian
Dina Hyde, Supporter, Christian
Scott Hylton, Resident, Buddhist
Joseph T Hypes, Artist


Michael Ibabao, Resident, Catholic
Mirna S. Ibarra, Resident
Madolyn Idlet, Supporter
Sam Marie Imperatice, Resident/Artist
Tony Imperatice, Supporter/Musician
Kate Ingram, Supporter, Catholic
Mathew Inzunza, Resident, Catholic
Dawn Irving, Supporter
Jennifer Irwin, Supporter
Paula Irwin, Supporter
Nicole Isom, Supporter
Pam Isonio, Homeowner
Marci Iversen, Supporter, Catholic
Dakota Iyall-Johnson, Artist


Therese LeAnne Jack, Supporter, Christian
Caroline Jackson, Resident
Dean Jackson, Supporter, Spiritual
Rebecca Jackson, Resident/Educator
Jessica Jacobsen, Supporter
Kara Jacobsen, Resident, Christian
Joel Janecek, Homeowner
Daleene Janzen, Homeowner, Christian
Joel Janzen, Educator, Christian
Laine Janzen, Resident/Homeowner, Mennonite
Miranda Jaramillo, Supporter, Baptist
Chris Jarvis, Homeowner
John Jennings, Homeowner
Brittney Jennings-Lrick, Homeowner
Claudia Cristel Jensen, Supporter, Catholic
Rebecca Ellen Jensen, Supporter, Christian (Presbyterian)
Russell Jensen, Resident, Religious Science
Howard Jessing, Resident, All
Samantha Paige Jiron, Supporter
Brandon W. Johnson, Tower Business Owner, Christian
Christian Johnson, Supporter
Christopher A. Johnson, AIA, Artist/Architect
Hunter Johnson, Artist
Jennifer Johnson, Supporter, Jewish
Jennifer R. Johnson, Supporter, Christian-Assembly of God
Jessie Johnson, Resident
Johnna Johnson, Supporter, Christian
Karan Johnson, Resident/Artist
Kassee Johnson, Resident, Buddhist
Kayla Johnson, Resident
Kelly Johnson, Supporter
La Vonda Johnson, Resident, Buddhist
Lake Johnson, Resident
Maya Johnson, Supporter
Rachel Johnson, Supporter
Richard Johnson, Supporter
Stanley Johnson, Supporter
Thomas Johnson, Homeowner
William Johnson, Supporter
Chrysann Johnston, Supporter/Educator
Arielle Jones, Artist/Educator
Blake Jones, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Caitlin Jones, Supporter, Christian
Chelsea Jones, Supporter/Artist, Lutheran Christian
Ian Jones, Supporter/Artist
Jennifer Jones, Homeowner
Kat Jones, Artist, Christian
Kourtney Jones, Supporter, Christian
Larina Jones, Supporter, Seventh-Day Adventist
Lisa Jones, Supporter
Marisa Jones, Resident
Martyn Jones, Supporter
Tambra Jones, Supporter, Oneness
Tina Jones, Resident
Tracy Lee Jones, Supporter/Artist, Jesus Fan
John B. Jordan, Supporter, Buddhist
Rebecca Jordan, Supporter
Alenya Joy, Resident
Teya Juarez, Tower Employee/Artist
Elizabeth June, Resident
Susan Juvet, Resident, Catholic


Marcia Kafuri, Supporter
Anthony A. Kalata, Supporter
Randal S. Kanzaki, Supporter
Anjali Kapoor-Davis, Supporter
Ajay Kapoor Davis, Supporter/Artist
Shana Kaspian, Homeowner
Niko Kazanjian, Supporter/Artist
Monika Kea, Homeowner
Aniston Kearney, Resident
Mike Keeneysr, Supporter, Catholic
Brittney Keldsen, Supporter
Dawn Keller, Supporter
Jessica Kelley, Tower District Resident
William Kelley, Resident
Nicole Kelly, Supporter, Christian
Katherine Kelm, Supporter, Educator
Ashley Kendricks, Supporter
Eryn Kennedy, Artist
Nick Kennedy, Resident/Artist
Brian Kenney Fresno, Supporter/Artist
Sumina Khamarlorn, Supporter, Buddhism
Kurt R. Kindig, Supporter
Ashley King, Supporter/Former Resident
Cloud C. King, Supporter/Artist, Native American
Emily King, Supporter, Artist
Joann King, Supporter
Kirtley King, Artist/Educator
Leslie King, Supporter
Kaitlin Kirby, Artist/Stage Manager
Travis Kirk, Supporter
Diane Kirkpatrick, Supporter
Karen Kirkpatrick, Supporter
Nathan Kirkpatrick, Supporter, Christian
James Kitch, Homeowner
Sara Kixmoeller, Supporter/Educator
Adam Klawitter, Tower Suporter
Ronald Steven Kludas, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Bill Knezovich, Supporter/Artist, Christian Pastor
Nicole Knod, Homeowner
Annika Knutson, Homeowner
Megan J Kobashi, Supporter
Miya Kodama, Supporter, Buddhist
Donna Kohlruss, Supporter
Randy Kohlruss, Resident, Agnostic
Margaret Koontz, Homeowner
Cindy Ratsamy Kosanovong, Supporter, Buddhist
Dayne Kosmosky, Supporter
Caleb Kouns, Supporter
Katherine Koziar, Supporter, Christian
Maya Kratzer, Supporter
Burlene Krider, Supporter
Jordan Krikorian, Supporter
Deborah Kountz, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Rose Marie Kuhn, Supporter/Educator
Emily Kuizenga, Supporter/Educator, Unitarian Universalist
Madeline Kumagai, Supporter
Junko Kunitake, Supporter
Brian Kurtela, Resident, Christian
Elizabeth Kus, Supporter
Robert Kutruff, Resident, Universal Life Church


Ly-Kheang la, Supporter
Olivia La Centra, Supporter
Samantha La Plante, Supporter
Sergio La Porta, Supporter/Educator
Nicki Lack, Homeowner/Artist, Christian
Daniel LaJune, Supporter/Artist
Nicole LaJune, Artist, Christian
Claire Lang, Former Tower Employee/Supporter
Erin Lanis, Educator/Former Tower Employee
Sierra Larberg, Supporter/Educator
Karin Larka, Homeowner, Christian
Robert Larka, Homeowner
Amalie Larsen Van Vleet, Artist
Sara Larson-Fletcher, Supporter
Erica Lassen, Supporter
Claudio Laso, Supporter/Artist
Margrethe Lauber, Homeowner
Lisseth Lauri, Supporter
Claire Laval, Resident
Molly Lasslett, Resident
Emily Law, Artist
Mikila Lawless, Artist
Jennifer Leahy, Supporter, Christian
Mary Joyce Leahy, Supporter, Christian
Gabriel Leamy-Henderson, Supporter/Artist, Christian Witch
Carmen Leaños, Supporter
Michael Leary, Resident/Historical Homeowner
Chali Lee, Supporter
Daniel Lee, Supporter, Artist
Kayla Lee, Resident, Artist, Catholic
Sue Lee, Supporter
Ben Leetch, Artist
Stellalvna Lefay, Resident
Michael Lemieux, Resident
David Lemon, Supporter, Christian
Shianne Lenhof, Supporter
Chelsea Leopardi, Supporter, Spiritual
Kimbrough A. Leslie, Supporter, Christian Clergy
Cheryl Letson, Resident
Ashley Leung, Supporter, Christian
Amber Lewis, Supporter
Jeannie Lewis, Supporter
Jennifer L Lewis, Supporter/Artist
Katie Lewis, Artist
Terry Lewis, Resident/Artist/Educator, Unitarian Universalist
Andy Levine, Supporter
Devorah Levy-Pearlman, Resident
Kylee Rene Leyva, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Jennifer Licon, Supporter
Caroline Liebe, Supporter/Employee, Buddhism
Emily Light, Supporter, Christian
Megan Likins, Supporter, Christian
Candace J. Liles, Artist
Larry Lindberg, Tower Employee
Taylor Lindenmuth, Supporter
Heidi Sarah Lindholm, Supporter
Kevin Luke Lindholm, Homeowner
Rebecca Lindholm, Homeowner
Ellen Lipp, Supporter/Educator
Jessie Lipper, Tower Employee
Samantha Lippert, Supporter
Hannah Livingstone, Resident, Unitarian Universalist
Karin Livingstone, Educator, Unitarian Universalist
Sarah Lloyd, Supporter, Christian
Christopher Locati, Resident
Benjamin F. Locke, Resident/Artist
Fabrizio Lofaro, Resident
Anne Marie Lombardo, Resident, Born Again Christian
Avalon Lone, Supporter
Andrea Long, Supporter
Cassandra J Long, Artist
Abril Lopez, Resident
Bianca Lopez, Resident
Christian G. Lopez, Supporter
Lucie Carter Lopez, Supporter
Marilyn Lopez, Supporter, Christian
Maritere Lopez, Homeowner
Maritza Lopez, Supporter
Sierra Lopez, Supporter, Catholic
Selina Lopez, Artist
Linda Lopez-Atkins, Supporter, Catholic
Marcella Lopez-Schmidt, Supporter
Brad Loutherback, Supporter, Catholic
Leah Loutherback, Supporter, Buddhist
Amanda Loveless, Resident, Christian
Tessa Lovell-Ortiz, Homeowner
Kyle Lowe, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Lisa Lowe, Supporter, Christian
Emma Lorena Loyola, Supporter, Raised Catholic
Mallory Lozano, Supporter, Catholic
Nia Luchau, Supporter
Julie Lucido, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Shannon Luis-Kirk
Casey Luna, Homeowner
Cybil Luna, Homeowner
Jeffrey Lusk, Artist, Catholic
Kira Lusk, Supporter, Catholic
Anise Luster, Supporter
Mallory Lutz, Artist, Catholic
Ma Ly, Artist
Dr. Stephanie G. Lynch, Resident
Kendyll Lyons, Supporter
Alfred John Lystad, Supporter, Catholic


Delylah MacDonald, Supporter/Artist, Christian
William MacDonald, Artist
Alexis Elisa Macedo, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Sylvia Macias, Resident
Rachelle Machackian, Supporter
Jody Machado, Resident, Christian
Andy Davenport Mackey, Resident, Catholic
Pamela Mackey, Supporter
Tyler Mackey, Supporter
Jackelyn Madigral, Supporter
Guillermina Madrid, Resident
Carmen Madrigal, Supporter, Catholic
Paul Magarity, Artist
Ethan Magill, Supporter/Artist
Rachelle Mahackisn, Supporter
Peter Maiden, Supporter, Jewish
Joslyn Leandra Maldonado, Supporter
Clarissa Erin Maloney, Supporter
Katherine Malpica, Resident
Walter Malsbary, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Jennifer A Malsom, Homeowner
Katina Mamigonian, Supporter
Alison Mandaville, Homeowner
Bridget Manders, Artist
Joseph Manfredi, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Mario Manganiello, Supporter
Prof. Chris Mangels, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Stephanie Mangrum, Supporter
Noor Mansour, Supporter
Nicole Margulis, Supporter, Jewish
Anysia Marquez, Supporter
Monique Marroquin, Supporter, Catholic
Nicole Marschall, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Julie Marshall, Supporter
Bear Martin, Supporter
Megan Martin, Supporter/Artist
Melissa Martin, Supporter
Sarah Martin, Educator
Jesse Martindale, Supporter/Community Educator
Amanda Martinez, Supporter
Crissy Martinez, Artist
Dayna Martinez, Supporter, Catholic
Elizabeth Martinez, Supporter
Leslie Martinez, Resident
Matthew Martinez, Supporter
Monica Martinez, Supporter
Richard J. Martinez, Artist/Educator, Catholic
Stephanie Martinez, Resident
Wendy Martinez, Resident, Buddhist
John Masier, Resident/Employee
Lynn Mason, Supporter
Elizabeth Ann Massaro, Homeowner
Elizabeth Mata, Supporter, Catholic
Marisa Mata, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Jillian Mathis, Supporter, Catholic
Lynn Mathias, Homeowner
Tom Matott, Resident/Artist
Berretta May, Resident
Devin May, Supporter
Jennifer Mayer, Supporter
Maria Mayes, Supporter/Downtown Businessowner
Sarah Mayo, Supporter/Artist, New Thought
Gabriella Mazziliano, Supporter, Catholic
Justine J. McAlpine, Educator
Paul McCauley, Supporter
Sheri McClure, Supporter
Justine McCombs, Supporter
Sofia Sabine McCurry, Supporter
Meaghan McCready, Artist
John McDaniel, Supporter
Michael McDaniel, Resident
Sarah McDaniel, Resident
Jennifer McDonald, Supporter, Agnostic
Tina McDonald, Supporter, Christian
James McElroy, Supporter
Dr. Stuart McFeeters, Homeowner, Menonite
Kat McGhee, Supporter
Abby McHatten, Supporter, Believer
Deborah McHenry, Supporter, Roman Catholic
Morgan McInnes, Supporter
Amity McKee, Supporter
Jeanie Marie McKelvey, Artist/Educator, Christian
Arlene McKillips, Homeowner
Gary McKillips, Homeowner
Kathleen McKinley, Artist/Educator, Jewish
Kate McKnight, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Heather McLane, Supporter
Corey McLaughlin, Resident, Christian
John McNaughton, Homeowner
Christopher McNiece, Resident
Alissa McPherson, Supporter/Educator
Bryan McPherson, Supporter
Deric Patrick McQueen, Resident, Presbyterian
Elizabeth McNutt, Supporter, Christian
Alyssa McVey Jones, Supporter
Hannah McVey, Supporter
Kelsey McVey, Homeowner
Matthew McVey, Resident
Kelsey Mead, Artist
Marie Meade, Supporter
Veronica Mechem, Supporter, Catholic
Tyler Medel, Supporter
Akilah N. Medina, Supporter
Amber Medina, Supporter, Spiritual
Angel Medina, Resident
Felicia Medina, Supporter, Catholic
Gloria Medina-Sancho, Educator
Irene Medina, Supporter
Thomas Medrano, Homeowner/Artist
Kennedy Meeks, Supporter
Yvette Mejia, Supporter
Lauren Melenbacker, Resident
Joel Melton, Supporter/Artist
Alvaro Mendez Jr, Supporter
Jessica Mendez, Supporter, Catholic
Nicole Mendibles, Resident
Arturo Mendoza, Homeowner, Catholic
Jenny Pauline Mendoza, Supporter, Christian
Gabriel Mercado, Resident
Larissa Mercado-Lopez, Educator
Mark Alan Mercer, Tower Employee, Non denominational
Jessica Ellesse Meredith, Supporter, Artist, Non denominational
Erika Metz, Supporter
Katherine Meyers, Homeowner, Christian
Tanner Michaelson, Supporter
Sarah Michal, Artist, Christian
Bethany Christine Micu, Supporter/Educator
Andrew Miller, Supporter
Jacob Miller, Homeowner
Kevin Miller, Homeowner
Sarah Miller, Former Resident/Supporter
Brennan Mills, Resident
Lori Minassian, Supporter, Christian
Sean Minier, Supporter, Armenian Apostolic
Ingeborg Mintoj, Supporter
Angelica Miguel Miramontes, Supporter
Mark Miranda, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Ashley Marie Mireles, Resident
Chester Anthony Miszewicz, Resident
Selena Mitchell, Resident
Mallory Moad, Supporter/Artist
Leanna Mobley, Supporter
Giorgio Mobili, Homeowner
William Moccia, Homeowner
Laura Mock, Supporter
Phillip Kenneth Moffett, Resident
Joy Mohler, Former Resident/Artist
Kathleen Mollica, Resident/Artist, Agnostic
Samuel Molina, Resident
Miguel Nicolas Molinar, Resident/Artist, Catholic
Brittany Monahan, Homeowner/Artist, Christian
Raka Mondel, Resident
John Montano, Resident
Zoey Monteer, Supporter
Gabriella Montelongo, Resident
Noel Montelongo, Supporter
Erica Montez, Supporter, Christian
Josh Montgomery, Supporter/Artist
Kristy Montgomery, Resident
Robin Montgomery, Tower District Supporter
Sarah Montgomery, Homeowner
John Montano, Resident
John Mucciacciaro Moochy, Homeowner
Dr. Bernadette Moordigian, Resident
Allison Moore, Supporter
Diana Moore, Supporter, Christian
Sherah Moore-Burdick, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Christian
Alexandria Morales, Homeowner
Crystal Morales, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Witch
Isabella Morales, Resident
Shane Moreman, Supporter
Mario B. Moreno Jr., Homeowner
Melissa Moreno, Educator
Jessica Morgan, Supporter
Maria Dolores Morillo, Educator
Shayla Morrill, Supporter, Christian
Anita Morris, Homeowner
Darlene Morse, Homeowner, Christian
Ronald Scott Morse, Homeowner
Amanda Mortimer, Homeowner
John Moses, Supporter/Educator/Artist
Chloe Moua, Resident
Sonepheth Mounvongkham, Homeowner
Tiffany Muldoon, Former Resident
Karl Mundt, Supporter
Cynthia Rose Muniz, Resident/Artist, Catholic/Spiritual
Natalie Munoz, Supporter, Christian
Anahi Murillo, Resident
Kim Murphy, Resident
Juanita Murphy, Supporter, Baptist
Valerie Murray, Supporter, Christian
Melinda Leigh (Ratliff) Murray, Artist
Laura Musselman, Resident
Abbey Myatt, Supporter, Christian
Kate Myer, Supporter
Christine Myers, Resident
Devon Myers, Supporter
Jennifer Myers, Artist
Paddy Myers, Resident, Artist
Tyler Myers, Supporter


Drexel Najarian, Supporter
Samina Najmi, Supporter
Patrick L. Nalty II, Artist, Christian
Thomas Nance, Artist
Tracy Nash, Supporter/ Artist
Janet Naugle, Supporter
Vanna Nauk, Advocate, Buddhist
Ayla Nava, Supporter/Artist
Elizabeth Navarro, Resident
Gilbert Navarro, Supporter
Nicholas Casey Navarro, Resident/Business Owner
Thaddeus Navarro, Supporter
Tina Navarro, Supporter
Trinity Navarro, Supporter, Christian
Patrick Neely, Supporter, Christian
Sara Neer, Former Resident/Supporter
Jamie Nelson, Artist
Kelley Nelson, Artist
Marissa Nelson, Resident
Stephanie Nelson, Homeowner
Terrance Nelson, Tower Business Owner/Resident
Deborah Nettell, Resident, Catholic
Tom Netell, Resident, Supporter of Catholic Faith
Alyse Neubert, Artist
Kaleb Neufeld, Tower Investor/Resident
Cat Neville, Resident
Jephrey B. Neville, Tower Employee, Non Practicing Agnostic Jew
Philip Neufeld, Resident/Educator, Christian
Martin F. Newberry, Supporter
Renee Newlove, Resident/Artist/Educator
Susan Marie Newton, Resident
Nam Ngo, Resident, Buddhist
Hailey Nichols, Homeowner, Christianity
Kaitlyn Nichols, Resident
Ruben Antonio Nieves, Homeowner
Natalie Nigg, Resident, Nondenominational
Donna Ninkovich, Supporter
Erik Nodacker, Homeowner
Rebecca Noel, Tower Employee
Milissa Norton, Supporter
Steve Norton, Educator/Artist
Jessica Nugent, Supporter
Susie Nunes, Supporter
Ted Nunes, Resident
Genevieve Nuñez, Supporter
Noe Nunez, Supporter
Marcel Nunis, Resident/Playwright


Erin Kristine O’Berg, Artist
Samantha Occhino, Supporter
Ashlee Ochoa, Supporter, Educator
Elizabeth Ochoa, Supporter, Methodist
Jaylen Ochoa, Supporter
Michelle Ochoa, Supporter, Methodist
Debbie Ockey, Supporter/Educator, Unitarian
Sierra Ockey, Homeowner
Loch R. Ockey, Supporter
Karen O’ Conner, Homeowner
Matthew O’Connor, Resident
William O’Connor, Supporter
Gregory Okada, Supporter
Maya Felicia Olais, Supporter
Joaquin Olgin, Supporter
Micah Olivas, Resident
Raul Reyes Oliver, Supporter, Catholic
Delaney Olmo, Supporter
Curtis Neal Olsen, Supporter
Jessica Olsen, Homeowner
Charles Olson, Supporter
Dylan Olson, Supporter
Lucas Olson, Homeowner, Catholic
Michelle Olson, Supporter, Christian
Taylor Olson, Resident
Lynne Oncken, Supporter
Toni M. Onkka, LCSW, Supporter, Christian
Steven M Ono, Musician, Methodist
Heidi Orender, Artist/Educator, Presbyterian
Andrea Jo Orlando, Educator, Protestant
Robert Michael Orlando, Educator, Methodist
Rebecca Orta, Homeowner, Presbyterian Christian
Teresa Orta, Resident, Universalist
Jake Ortiz, Artist
L.L. Ortiz, Supporter
Samantha Ortiz. Artist
Chris Ortiz Belcher, Supporter/Artist
Nicole Osborne, Artist
Mark E. Osburn, Supporter
Jennifer Ostwalt, Supporter/Educator
Kaitlin Outfleet, Supporter, Christian
Lisa Ovalle, Supporter, Christian
Barbara Owen, Supporter/Artist


Jon M. Pace, Resident/Employee/Artist, South Baptist
Shaylah Padgett-Weibel, Supporter
Arianna Padilla, Resident
Madisen Padilla, Supporter
Jason Pak, Artist
Eliza Jane Palao, Supporter, Catholic
Gerald Palladino, Resident/Artist, Roman Catholic
Leta Palmer, Supporter, Christian
Heather Parish, Resident/Artist
Damen Pardo, Supporter/Employee/Artist
Ashley Parker, Resident
Cathy Parker, Homeowner
Denise Parker, Resident/Business Owner
Gustavo Parker, Resident
Mallory Jane Parker, Resident/Artist
Shawn Lamarr Parker, Supporter, Christian
Sterling Parker, Supporter
Nicholas Parker-Estrada, Supporter
Ben Parks, Artist, Christian
Jay Parks, Resident/Artist
Zach Parola, Homeowner
Estevan Parra, Resident, Catholic
Nicole Parrish, Supporter/Educator
Brianna Pasley, Artist, Christian
JoAnne Pastrano, Supporter, Catholic
Esther Patch, Supporter
Brooke Patrick, Supporter
Amy Patterson, Supporter, Pagan
Allison Patteson, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Michelle Patton, Supporter, Christian
Sydney Paugh, Supporter, Russian Orthodox
Terry Paul, Artist, Christian
Meagan Pauls, Resident
Bonnie Pavlovich, Supporter
Abigail Paxton, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Elizabeth Payne, Artist/Educator, Christian
Brooke Payton, Resident/Artist/Educator
Derek Payton, Resident/Artist
Bianca Pearson, Homeowner
Carlos Pedroza, Resident
Josefa Bustos Pelayo, Resident
Sonya Peña, Supporter
Richard Peralta, Supporter, Catholic
Deanne Perez, Supporter, Christian
Kelsey Perez, Resident
Maria V. Perez, Homeowner, Catholic
Melissa Perez, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Richard Perez, Supporter
Tiana Perez, Supporter
Vanessa Perez, Supporter/Educator, Catholic
Brayden R. Perri, Resident
Arjen Perry, Homeowner/Supporter, Christian/Baptist
Michelle Perry, Supporter
Dan Pessano, Tower Business Owner
Emily Pessano, Tower Employee/Artist/Educator, Christian
Laurie Pessano, Tower Business Owner, Christian
Michael J. Peterson, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Tracy Phillips, Supporter, Christian
Aaron Pierce, Artist
Paul E. Pierce, Homeowner, Jewish
Adam Pietz, Educator
Jessica Piffero, Supporter
Diana Pilbosian, Supporter, Christian
Cole Pilegard, Supporter
Cari Pillo, Homeowner, Pagan
Cynthia Pineda, Supporter
Angel Pinedo Jr, Artist, Spiritual/Hinduism/Buddhism
Ofra Pleban, Supporter
Steven Ploog, Homeowner, Christian
Joshua Plowman, Artist
Carey Plummer, Supporter
Emily Pofahl, Supporter, Christian
Cathy A. Pohan, Supporter, Christian
Taylor Poisall, Supporter
Bonnie J. Polson, Artist
Audra Poore, Cokley, Supporter/Artist
Paula J. Popma, Resident, Presbyterian
Nathan Porchas, Supporter
Stefani Porras, Homeowner
Audrey Portela, Supporter, Christian
Ethan Z. Poschman, Resident
Perri Potigian, Homeowner, Christian
Andrew Potter, Artist
Nick Potter, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Kurt Potts, Supporter/Artist
Grace Power, Artist, Christian
Michele Ellis Pracy, Supporter
David Prasad, Supporter/Former Resident
Michelle Prestegard, Tower Employee/Artist
Julia Prieto, Artist
Karissa Provenza, Supporter
John B. Pruitt, Resident, Catholic
Sarah Puckett, Resident, Central Valley Friends of the Satanic Temple
Audrey Kathleen Pugh, Homeowner
Alyse Pugh, Resident/Employee
Alyssa Jeselle Pulido, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Sarah Pullen-Harris, Supporter/Educator, Protestant
Nicholas Puma, Supporter
Samantha Preziosi, Supporter


David Quackenbush, Supporter
Dennis Quaglia, Supporter
Ray Quenga, Supporter, Catholic
Chloe Quesada, Supporter
Reyna Angelicia Quesda, Resident
Laura Quezada, Supporter/Educator
C, Tim Quinn, Artist/Retired Educator
Christina Quinonez, Resident
Michael Anthony Quintero, Supporter
Isabel Quirarte, Educator
Christopher Quitoriano, Resident
Ronald C. Quitoriano, Resident


Steven Rachelt, Supporter
Elliot Racusin, Supporter
Anthony Radford, Artist
Rade S. Radovich, Resident/Artist, Atheist
Staci Ragan, Supporter, Protestant
Morgan Joy Ragle, Supporter/Artist
Mitchell Tyler Ralston, Former Resident/Supporter
Luis Ramentas, Supporter/Artist
Courtney Ramirez, Supporter
Imelda Ramirez, Supporter
Jackie Ramirez, Supporter
James Ramirez, Artist
Jillian Ramirez, Resident
Mayra Ramirez, Resident
Pryscilla Ramirez, Supporter
Saúl Ramírez, Resident, Catholic
Alexandria N. Ramos, O’Casey, Community Member/Organizer
Emily Ramos, Homeowner/Artist, Christian
Melinda Ramos, Artist/Educator, Christian
Ray Ramos, Supporter, Catholic
Ren Ramshaw, Supporter, Christian
Patt Rank, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Joseph Rapozo, Artist
Victoria Ravdin, Supporter
Alyssa Ravelo, Supporter, Christian
Amanda Rayburn, Supporter, Christian
Emma Raymond, Artist, Catholic
Justin Raymond, Supporter, Christian
Margaret Raymond, Supporter, Agnostic
Sylvia Rea, Resident
Emily Redondo, Artist
Erica Reed, Resident
Kalie Reed, Supporter
Melissa Reed, Resident, Universalist
Victoria Reed, Supporter
Jessica Reedy, Artist, Christian
Katy Reeves, Supporter
Diana Regan, Supporter/Artist
Bill Reiland, Resident, Christian
Eve Reiland, Resident/Artist, Agnostic
Julia Reimer, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Kerena Reinhold, Artist
Deborah Remily, Supporter
Kelly Rennie, Supporter, Roman Catholic
Cynthia Renteria, Former Resident/Supporter, Catholic
Daniel Renteria, Supporter
Jennifer Renzi, Supporter
Judith Reposo, Supporter
Tamera Retton, Supporter
Amanda Reyna, Resident
Linda Reynoso, Supporter
Sherigan Reynoso, Supporter
Brian Rhea, Supporter/Artist
Elizabeth Rice, Supporter, Christian
Shari Rice, Supporter
Amy E Richardson, Supporter, Congregational
Cheri Richardson, Educator, Christian
Justin Richardson, Resident
Margaret Richardson, Homeowner
Joshua Richtel, Supporter, Jewish
Richard Riddick, Homeowner
Kellie Ridenour, Resident
Daisy Rivas, Supporter, Catholic
Elva Rizzo, Supporter
Ashley Reyes, Supporter
Phoebe Rivas, Supporter
Adrian Rivera, Supporter
Angel Rivera, Supporter
Jeanette Rivera, Supporter, Christian
Mia Rivera, Artist
Raul Rivera, Supporter
Brieanna Rivera-Cortez, Supporter
Rico Alejandro Rios, Supporter
Shawna Nicole Robbins, Homeowner
Natalie Roberts, Supporter, Greek Orthodox
Heather Roberts-Short, Supporter/Artist
Peter Robertson, Supporter
Natalie Robertson, Former Resident/Educator, Episcopalian
Kenneth S. Robison, Homeowner, United Methodist
Rusty Robison, Artist
Skye Robles, Artist/Cosmetology Student, Indigenous
Rodolfo Robles Cruz, Artist
Perla Robles-Lum, Resident, Catholic
Christopher Rocha, Resident, Christian
Kaitlen Rocha, Supporter
Travis Rockett, Resident
Alicia Rodriguez, Resident
Annalise Rodriguez, Supporter, Catholic
Caleb Rodriguez, Supporter
Carolina Rodriguez, Supporter, Catholic
Ernest H. Rodriguez, Resident
Isidro Rodriguez, Supporter
J. Felix Rodriguez, Resident
Krista Rodriguez, Tower Employee/Resident
Leticia Rodriguez, Supporter, Catholic
Nicole Marie Rodriguez, Homeowner, Christian
Roque Rodriguez, Artist, Catholic
Sylvia Rodriguez, Supporter
Abigail Rodriguez, Supporter
Aileen Rodriguez Imperatrice, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Steven Roesch, Supporter
Bradley James Rogers, Artist, Christian-Backslider
Valisha Rogers, Supporter/Artist
Ashley Rojas, Resident
Wendy Romano, Supporter
Adrian Roque, Supporter
Sean Rose, Homeowner
Teresa Rose, Supporter/Artist/Educator, Universalist
Jordan Rosen, Artist
Angelique Rosenthal, Supporter, Catholic
Donna G Rosetta-Hansen, Supporter
Lana Rotan, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Cassidy Roth-Alvarez, Fresno Resident
Jan Rowden, Resident/Supporter, Spiritual
Brooke Rowland, Resident/Artist
Danielle Rowland, Supporter
Alex Rozier, Supporter/Artist
Eric Rozigas, Supporter
Carol Ann Rubin, Resident/Supporter, Religious Science Minister
Ashley Ruiz, Supporter, Catholic
Ashley Ruiz (II), Supporter
Cindy Ruiz, Supporter, Catholic
Rachel Ruiz, Supporter
Casey Rusko, Homeowner, Methodist
Debi Ruud, Resident/Business Owner/Artist, Spiritual Seeker
Karter Ruud, Supporter/Artist
Amelia Ryan, Artist
John Ryan, Resident
Joseph Ryan, Resident
Josephine Ryan, Supporter
Luanne D. Ryan, Homeowner
Richard Ryan, Homeowner
Stephanie Ryan, Artist, Catholic
Glen Ryerson, Resident, Christian
Jasmine Ryerson, Resident
Jackie Ryle, Supporter


Anissah Saad, Supporter, Islam
Leah Sadoian, Supporter, Christian
Nazar Sahakian, Supporter, Christian
Pauline Sahakian, Supporter, Christian
Stephanie Salas, Resident
Annarosa Salazar, Supporter/Artist
Cynthia Salazar, Supporter, Catholic
Holly Salcido, Supporter, Christian/Catholic
Allan Salda, Supporter
Julie Marie Saldana, Supporter, Catholic
Ruben Saldana, Supporter
Elaine Salvatore, Supporter
James A. Salvatore, Supporter
Tanya Salzer, Resident
Ashley Sanchez, Supporter
Ismael Sanchez, Supporter/Artist, Neo-Pagan
Jerry Sanchez, Supporter, Christian
Liz Sanchez, Homeowner
Marlaina Sanchez, Supporter
Sonia Sanchez, Homeowner
Victoria Sanchez, Former Resident/Supporter
Tony Sanders, Supporter/Artist/Educator
Sarah Sandhu, Resident
Gina Sandí-Diaz, Artist/Educator
Alberto Sandoval, Homeowner
Jocelyn Sandoval, Supporter
Tori Tianna Santiago, Resident
Alex Santa Cruz II, Supporter
Isabel Santos-Gonzalez, Supporter
Michelle Santoyo, Supporter, Catholic
Leanne Sapad-Trevino, Supporter
Esha Sarfraz, Student, Islam
Debbie Sargenti, Supporter
Melissa Sarno, Supporter
Leah R. Sasser, Supporter
Tori Sasso, Supporter/Artist
Bonnie Savage, Resident
Malena Savell, Supporter
Nicole M. Savell, Supporter, Christian
Kevin Sawyers, Artist
Emily Scarborough, Resident
Denise Schiavone, Resident
Lauren Schiebelhut, Supporter
Denise Schiavone, Resident
Cheyanne Schlautmann, Supporter
Charles Schlessman, Homeowner/Artist
Terrie Schmierer, Supporter
Alexis Schneider, Artist
Vanessa Schneider, Resident
Sarah Scholar, Resident
Adam Schroeder, Supporter/Artist
Chase Schwarzwalter, Supporter
Lacia Schmidt, Resident
Ryan Schmidt, Resident
Harrison Schmitt, Supporter
Jessica Schnell-Garcia, Supporter
Robert Steven Schumann, Homeowner
Danielle Seaberg, Supporter
Robin Seaberg, Artist
Savun Sean, Resident/Artist, Spiritual/Buddhism
Hallie Seay, Supporter
Karen Sebilian, Supporter, Lutheran Christian
Alex Sedrowski-Trimmer, Supporter/Artist
Ashley Semrick, Supporter
Julie Anne See, Supporter
Christine Norris Seelbach, Artisti, Episcopalian
Ari Seimas, Supporter/Artist
Bethany Sellai, Homeowner, Christian
Nicholas Sellai, Homeowner, Christian
Benjamin T. Sells, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Amy Sepulveda, Educator
Jared Serpa, Artist
Joshua Serpa, Supporter
Melissa Sesma-Smith, Resident
Lindsey Sever, Supporter
Hailey Severns, Supporter, Christian
Todd Severson, Resident
Lori Severt, Supporter/Educator
Casey Shaw, Supporter
John A Shaw, Supporter
Aaron Shay, Supporter/Artist
Sarah Shay, Supporter/Artist
Peyton Sheets, Tower Business Operator/Artist, Agnostic
Barbara Shinaver, Supporter/Educator
Brad Showalter, Resident, Lutheran
Madison Leigh Shrader, Resident
Claudia Sibilio, Supporter, Religious Science
Teri Siegel, Supporter, Christian
Malarie Silos, Future Resident/Supporter, Christian
Elida Silva, Supporter
Michelle Nicole Silva, Tower Employee, Catholic
Don R. Simmons, Educator
Dakota Wallace Simpson, Supporter/ Artist, Catholic
Karen Simpson, Supporter
Erin Sinco, Supporter/Educator
Joann Sindt, Supporter
Patrice Singh, Resident/Employee
Kerry Singleton, Resident
Jason Sisk, Supporter
Shannon Sizemore, Supporter
Christa Slater, Christian
Kimiko Small, Supporter, Christian
William Smeds, Resident
Amber Janel Smith, Supporter/Artist
Dorothy Smith, Supporter, Spiritual
Eric Smith, Supporter
Gail Smith, Resident, Satanist
Jay Daniel Smith, Supporter
Joshua Smith, Supporter
Kiana Smith, Artist
Margaret Smith, Homeowner
Mark L. Smith, Resident
Sara Smith, Resident
Scott Smith, Resident
Tina Smith, Resident
Tyler Smith, Supporter
Michelle M. Soares, Homeowner, Armenian Apostolic (Christian)
Thomas W. Soares, Homeowner, Catholic
Camryn Soma, Resident
Laura Sorenson-Dickey, Supporter/Artist
Cruz Soro, Resident
Elizabeth Soto, Supporter
Kayleia Southard, Supporter
Amy Sousa, Homeowner
Anthony Sousa, Homeowner
David Souza, Supporter
Josephine Souza, Supporter, Christian
Krystal Souza, Supporter
Marisa Spain, Supporter, Christian
April Nicole Spate, Supporter/Artist
Heidi Spate, Supporter, Baptist
Shane Spears, Resident/Artist
Deborah Speer, Resident/Journalist, Christian
Megan Spencer, Resident
Laura Splotch, Resident/Showman, Atheist
Diana St Louis, Tower Employee/Resident
Luz Stacier, Supporter
Phil Stafford, Supporter/Artist
Rebecca Stafford, Former Resident, Episcopalian
Jason Stansell, Resident/Artist/Educator, Christian
Judy Stene, Supporter
Kristin Stephens-Rima, Supporter/Educator, Non-Denominational Christian
Cynthia Stevens, Tower Business Owner
Hanna Stevens, Supporter
Miranda Stevens, Supporter, Omnist (all religions are valid)
Katrina Steward, Supporter
Danny Stewart, Educator
Natalie Stewart, Supporter
Candice Stone, Resident
David Stone, Tower Business Owner
Matthew Stone, Supporter/Artist, Jewish
Terry G Story, Resident/Business Owner, Believer in a greater power (aka God)
Josh Stout, Supporter
Shelby Strategier-Leetch, Supporter
Michael Stratton, Supporter
Jeri Stubblefield, Supporter, Unitarian Universalist
Mary Stubblefield, Homeowner, Christian
Michael Stubblefield, Supporter
Kim Sturges, Supporter, Christian
Karsyn Suvanto, Tower Business Owner
Danielle Swain, Resident
Susan Richell Swallow, Homeowner, Unitarian Universalist
Chrystal Swart, Supporter/Educator
Rob Swart, Supporter/Educator
Tara Sweeney, Supporter
Marissa Deann Swetnam, Artist, Christian


Lori Tafoya, Resident, Christian
Lisa Talley, Resident
Emily Laura Tallman, Supporter/Educator
Marvin L. Tamblyn Jr., Supporter
Marc Tamarit-Galdón, Supporter
Vanessa Tamayo, Supporter
Gilbert Tang, Supporter
Richard Tani, Homeowner, Catholic
Gilbert Tarango, Supporter/Artist
Annette M Taylor, Resident
Danielle Taylor, Resident
Joshua Taylor, Artist
Matthew Taylor, Resident
Ronnie Taylor, Artist
Christy Tchaparian, Supporter, Catholic
Jennifer Tea, Supporter
Ricardo Temores, Supporter/Artist
Robert Terry, Homeowner
Becky Tetrault, Resident
Jamie Tewsom, Educator
Meng Thao, Artist
Gregory C. Tharpe, Resident/Former Employee/Artist
Trudi Thom, Supporter, Spiritual
Torn Thomas, Supporter
Jenni Thompson, Supporter
Sean Thompson, Supporter, Spiritual
Colleen Thomas, Supporter, Catholic
Jessica Danielle Thomas, Artist, Paganism
Courtney Thongsavath, Artist
Amanda Thornell, Supporter
Brian Thornell, Supporter/Musician
Joshua Thornsberry, Supporter, Christian
Brandon Thrakulchavee, Homeowner
Jerry Thuston, Supporter
Natalie Tieche, Supporter
Valerie J. Tillery, Supporter/Educator, Christian
Kathleen A. Timmons, Supporter
Montanna Tilton, Supporter/Artist
John Tipton, Supporter
Linda Tolladay, Supporter, Unitarian Universalist
Dylan Tolmasoff, Supporter
Emily Tomaino, Resident, Christian
Jim Tomlinson, Supporter
Sara Topete-Gonzales, Homeowner
Gilberto Torentela aka Isis De Luna, Tower Employee/Artist/Resident/Event Organizer
Matt Torigian, Supporter, Christian
Andrea Torres, Artist, Catholic
Stephen Torres, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Andrew Toschi, Homeowner, Catholic
Brittany Toschi, Resident/Supporter/Artist
Bill Trayler, Resident
Kathleen Trayler, Resident
Abby Tree, Supporter/Educator/Artist, Christian
Andrew Trevino, Artist
Ian Troupe, Resident
Noah Matthew Troupe, Supporter/Artist, Spirituality
John Trujilo, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Alex Tuchman, Supporter, Jewish
Devon Tucker, Resident, Non-denominational Christian
Paige Tucker, Supporter
Janeen Tugas, Supporter, Catholic
Maria Turner, Supporter
Vishinna Turner, Artist
Angela Mariana Tuttle, Supporter
Gayle Turnipseed, Supporter
Craig Turpin, Homeowner/Employee
Bob Tyrcha, Artist
Candice Tyrcha, Supporter
Renee Tyrcha, Resident


Shiva Ashok Umesh, Supporter/Artist, Hinduism
Katrina Uyehara, Supporter


Sandra Valdivia, Retired Educator, Catholic
Ashley J. Valencia, Artist
Richard A. Valencia, Homeowner, Mexican Baptist
Grisanti Valencia, Supporter, Decolonized Spirituality
Leticia Valencia, Homeowner
Mario Valencia, Artist, Catholic
Vanessa Valencia, Supporter, Catholic
Samantha Moree Valles, Artist
Felicia Vargas, Supporter
Nicole Virginia Valentine, Resident
Ysidro Valenzuela Jr., Resident/Educator
Brenda Valladolid-Alcazar, Supporter
Olivia Vallejo, Supporter
Joseph Vallejos, Resident/Supporter
Alexia Vang, Resident, Christian
Der Vang, Supporter
Jasmine Vang, Artist
Maithayeng Vang, Resident/Student/Activist
Mya Vang, Resident
Shing Vang, Supporter, Christian
Vasmer Vang, Supporter
Selena Van Horn, Resident
Priscilla VanRye, Resident/Business Owner
Andrew Xavier Vargas, Artist
Sonia Vargas, Supporter, Catholic
Sylvia Vargas, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Daniel Vartan, Resident
Rudy Vasquez, Supporter
Matthew Vaught, Supporter
Alex Vaux, Tower Employee, Catholic
Alejandra Vazquez, Supporter
RaeAnn Vasquez, Supporter
Janet Vazquez, Resident
Josefa Vega, Supporter
Hannah R Vehrs, Supporter, Christian
Mullairathinam Velappan, Resident
Ernesto Holguin Velarde, Supporter
Ricardo H. Velarde, Supporter, Christian
Jose Velasco, Resident
Leon Velasco-Stoll, Supporter, Christian
John VelásquezSupporter/Artist, Catholic
Joseph Verduzco, Artist, Catholic
Brian Vestal, Artist, Christian
Jill Vice, Artist, Jewish
John Kristoffer Vieira, Supporter/Educator
Lauren Vieira, Supporter
Trisha Viera, Supporter, Christian
Analise Villalobos, Supporter, Catholic
Rachel Villalobos, Supporter, Catholic
Grace Villareal, Resident, Catholic
Jessica Villasana, Supporter, Catholic
Eva Viotto, Resident
Bobby Virgen-Sims, Supporter
Laura Vogt, Supporter
Christopher Volkerts, Supporter/Artist
Rene VonBorstel, Resident/Supporter
Salina VonBorstel, Resident/Supporter
Karen laVerne VonFelten, Educator
Nicole Vulich, Supporter


Debby Jo Wagner, Supporter, Follower of Jesus
Ken Wagner, Homeowner
Dr. Andrew Waldron, Educator, Catholic
Heather Walker, Homeowner
Karla Walker, Resident
Laura M. Walker, Supporter/ Artist
Maureen Walker, Artist
Jenny Walker-Matott, Resident, Buddhist
Patrick Wall, Supporter/Artist
Adam Wallace, Resident/Supporter
Ian Wallace, Supporter
Niki Walsh, Resident
Shawn Walters, Supporter
James Walton (James Sherrill III), Homeowner/Artist
Kelsey Warren, Educator, Christian
Candice Warmuth, Educator, Latter-Day Saint
Jeremy L. Washburn, Resident/Artist, Wiccan
Cindy Wathen-Kennedy, Supporter
Daniel Waterhouse, Former Resident/Supporter
Noel Ashghen Watson, Supporter, Christian
Taylor Watson, Supporter
Jami Weatherson, Supporter
Laurel Weber, Supporter, Jewish
Susan P. Weber, Supporter, Catholic
Simone Weber-Oliveira, Supporter
Erin Webster, Homeowner
Jeffrey Weese, Resident
Cynthia Louise Wegermann, Supporter
Derek Quinn Weibel, Supporter
Brandon Weis, Supporter/Artist, Catholic
Pamela Weldon, Homeowner/Educator
Amanda Wengerd, Homeowner
Ellie West, Supporter
Barbara Westerfield, Supporter, Quaker
Tom Westerfield, Supporter/Educator, Quaker
Glen Westersund, Supporter
Jonathan Wheeler, Resident/Artist
Amanda Wheeler-Berry, Supporter
Daniel J White, Resident, Lutheran
Haley White, Resident/Artist
Lindsay White, Supporter/Artist
Mary Eilene White, Supporter, Christian
Sarah Whittle, Resident, Christianity
Anastacia Wiggins, Resident
Sierra Wigington, Supporter/Artist
Shaunda Wilcox, Resident
Stephanie Wilder, Supporter
Renee C. Wilkerson, Supporter/Educator
Wayne Wilkins, Supporter
Lynda Wilkinson, Supporter/Artist
Bruce Williford, Supporter/Educator
Heather R Williams, Supporter/Educator, Pagan
Jessica Williams, Supporter
Lori Williams, Supporter, Southern Baptist
Stacy Williams, Community Organizer
Tyrelle Williams, Artist, Christian
Patti A. Williams, M.A., M.F.T., Supporter, Pagan
Emma Willis, Supporter, Christian
Cord Willis, Supporter
Jacob Wilson, Supporter/Artist, Christian
Paige Wilson, Artist
Kerstyn Daleth Wilson, Supporter
Shawn Wilson, Former Resident
Teira Wilson, Supporter/Artist
Anna Wimpey, Supporter, Presbyterian
Elizabeth Wimpey, Supporter
Shannon Wing Higgason, Supporter, Pagan
Megan Wingo, Resident
Carrie Wise, Homeowner
Joel Wissner, Resident, Christian
Cecilia Wright, Resident
Haley Wolfe, Supporter
Nicki Wolff, Supporter, Minister of Science of Mind
Sean R. Wood, Supporter
Ben Woodcock, Resident
John E. Woodcock, Supporter, Catholic
Justin John Woodcock, Supporter, Roman Catholic
Suzanne Woodcock, Tower District Supporter
Amanda Woods, Supporter
Kenna Woods, Resident
Laramie Dawn Woolsey, Supporter/Artist
Dorothy Wyatt, Supporter
Lisa Wyatt, Supporter


Kaelyn Xiong, Resident
Thao Xiong, Supporter


Kameko H. Yamanaka, Resident/Local Artist
Ryan Yamaoka, Resident
Yia Yang, Supporter
Kerry McCutcheon Ybarra, Supporter/Educator
Nora S. Yerena, Supporter/Educator
Carol Yohannes, Supporter/Educator, Christian
James Michael York, Supporter
Romy Yoshimoto, Resident
Dylan Young, Tower Employee, Neopagan Wiccan
Toni Youngblood, Homeowner
Lyndsie Yurgal, Tower Employee


Karen Zack, Supporter
Angel Zamora, Homeowner
Corlett Cory Zamora, Artist
Erika Zamora, Supporter
Alysha Zamudio, Resident
Tristin N. Zaninovich, Former Resident/Supporter/Artist/Educator
Donna Zanovich, Supporter, Protestant
Kaitlyn Zarco, Supporter, Pagan
Sarah Zavesky Kalata, Supporter
Allan Zeller, Artist
Elizabeth Zobian, Resident, Catholic
Thomas H. Zynda, Supporter



Anonymous*, 13 (*specifically asked us to not us their name but wanted to be included)
Anonymous*, 14, Supporter/Student, Wicca
Anonymous*, 15, Supporter
Novella Alexander, 17, Supporter/Student
Katelyn Ash, 17, Supporter
Carlos Antonio L. Alvarez, 17, Supporter, Roman Catholic
Makyla Ayana Carrizales, 17, Artist, Polytheist
Brenna Corinne Barnes, 15, Supporter, Artist
Natalie Bautista, 16, Resident
Clara P Billington, 16, Artist
Kennedy Chavez, 14, Supporter
Juliana Lee Conway, 16, Supporter, Christian
Miranda Deis, 15, Supporter
Marcus Dewayne Fuller II, 16, Resident, Christian
Megan Gaertig, 16, Supporter
Denver Gier, 13, Supporter, Christian
Emma Grace Livingstone, 16
Zoe Hardcastle, 16, Resident
Jonathan Heffron, 16, Supporter
Zachary Holmes, 16, Supporter/Student
Caroline Huey, 16, Artist
Kailee la, 16, Supporter
Madelyn Lovejoy, 16, Supporter
Daniel Malimban, 17, Supporter
Sophia Medrano, 17, Resident
Serafina Montanez, 16
Samuel Montanez II, 16
Liliana Morgan, 17, Artist, Christian
Elizabeth Moua, 16, Supporter, Catholic
Benjamin Alexander Myers, 16, Artist
Alyssa Ortiz, 16, Supporter
Alex Pasla, 15, Supporter
Anjali Pooni, 16, Resident
Nikole Prewett, 17, Supporter
Sarah Renberg, 17, Supporter
Branwynn Savage, 16
Diego Sosa, 16, Artist
Clara Smith, 14, Resident
Molly Smith, 14, Christian
Juliana Marie Stockton, 16, Supporter
Elizabeth Stoeckel, Artist, Christ Follower
Athena Strataras, 17, Supporter
Aster Tamashiro, 14, Supporter
Christina Velazquez, 17, Supporter
Hannah Ventura, 16, Supporter/ Artist, Christian
Noelle Wilcox, 16, Resident
Gabrielle Yeager, 15, Supporter


Covering the arts online in the central San Joaquin Valley and beyond. Lover of theater, classical music, visual arts, the literary arts and all creative endeavors. Former Fresno Bee arts critic and columnist. Graduate of Columbia University and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Excited to be exploring the new world of arts journalism.

Comments (3)

  • Robert E Knapp

    We want to add our names to the list opposing the church purchase in Tower.
    Alice & Robert Knapp

  • Bob Schulenberg

    I am an artist and worked in Manhattan as a freelance illustrator for every New York newspaper and national campaigns with advertising agencies, editorial features in national magazines (Vanity Fair, Esquire, Time, Life, Money, Fortune, etc.), and Broadway posters. I also lived in Paris working with Condé Nast publications, Elle, Marie-Claire, Lui, etc . Also Amsterdam and London’s Queen Magazine.
    Forgive me for my self-exploitation but I’m wondering if I might be able to assist you in some (visual) capacity. Fresno is lacking in many things and I’m impressed by your desire to remedy the situation. I’m frustrated by so many local things and would love to do something to ameliorate the situation!
    My address is rschulenberg and I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.
    Bob Schulenberg
    PS: I’m currently a weekly contributor to


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