Special report: As the arts reopen, optimism and anxiety are part of the game

The Munro Review

I spent a couple of weeks working on a big, complicated story about the reopening of the arts in the greater Fresno area. It includes a survey I conducted of local arts organizations (26 responded) and a customized layout that makes it look different from a regular story on The Munro Review.

To get creative with the design, I published the piece as a “page” in WordPress rather than a “post,” which seems to work fine for the reader — except that people who are subscribed to receive WordPress email updates appear not to receive notifications for new pages. (There may be a way to send out notifications for pages as well, but I am drowning in WordPress right now and need to maintain my sanity.) Because I didn’t want any of you to miss out, I’m sending out this special post for those subscribers.

You can read my story here.


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