Win tickets to Good Company Players’ new musical production of ‘Daddy Long Legs’

Good Company Players opens a new musical on Thursday, July 15, that you’ve probably never heard of — but it’s gained a loyal following since it played Off-Broadway in 2015. I’m excited to be able to give away two pairs of show-only tickets to one of these three opening-weekend performances: Friday, July 16; Saturday, July 17; or Sunday, July 18.

“Daddy Long Legs” is a two-person musical based on a 1912 novel of the same name by Jean Webster, and is about an academically gifted young woman whose college education is paid for by an anonymous benefactor, whom she names “Daddy Long Legs” because the glimpse she views of his gangly silhouette reminds her of a spider. She writes him a monthly letter about her experiences, and from there a friendship forms.

The GCP production features a powerhouse cast (Meg Clark and Shawn Williams) and director (Laurie Pessano) and a contemporary score by Paul Gordon, who wrote the beautiful music and lyrics for the musical version of “Jane Eyre” (for which he received a Tony nomination for best musical score). This is a chance to experience a small, intimate musical in Fresno just a few years after it wowed New York.

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To enter this giveaway, leave a reply on this post (see the comments field below) answering this question: Do you still write snail-mail letters? (Or, if you’re shy, just give your name.) Deadline to enter is 9 a.m. Friday, July 16. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email. You’ll get the chance to pick which performance you’d like attend.

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Comments (26)

  • Dan Crotty

    YES I write snail-mail thank you and congratulatory letters several times each month

  • Jackie Ryle

    Thank you, Donald. Have ticket for Friday! Now really looking forward to it!

  • Gloria

    Yes, I still write snail mail but not often. I do send snail mail birthday cards and attach the lovely Apache blessing poem. I try to use original cards that are painted by a friend.

  • Steph

    I can’t use the free-bees but I look forward to seeing it. Those two are very strong actors.

  • Zeke

    It’s been years since I’ve sent a snail-mail letter—the last was to a pen pal in grade school (circa 1989).

  • Jennifer Earle

    Jennifer- I love to get snail mail, so I send it often. Mostly to my children and grandchildren.

    • Vicki Cheney

      I do write snail mail on occasion. I also hand write birthday and other occasion cards.

      I miss Roger Rocka’s and would love to see this show.

  • John

    I always send snail mail letters and cards; people love getting them.

  • Courtney

    Yes I send snail mail. My students love getting stuff in the mail!

  • Cleo

    I love snail mail letters and should write them more than I do. I remember the movie with Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire. Gray dancing of course!!

  • Kate McKnight

    I don’t write many snail-mail letters, but I send a lot of cards with notes. I just wrote out two this morning!

  • Renee Newlove

    I haven’t written a snail-mail letter in ages!

  • Patty Bennett

    I aspire to writing snail mail letters and I occasionally succeed.

  • I send lots cards to friends on seasonal holidays and thank you notes in the mail. I enjoy receiving them so I try to reciprocate. It also keeps my handwriting in practice!

  • denesse Willey

    Yes, one of kids eschews the electronic type of communication and posts a letter at least once a month. Naturally, we write back.
    Is this home one enters the ticket give away?

  • Susan McAndrew

    yes ti snail mail! And good to see you back, Donald , giving away tickets

  • Norma A haggberg-kaser

    “How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous.” ― Haruki Murakami

    Of course I hand write letters and notes several times a year.

  • Janet Mills

    I do send snail mail cards: thank you, birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Jana Conorich

    Sadly no, and I miss it

  • Judy Irvine

    I often send snail mail cards and notes. And would love to see Daddy Longlegs.

  • Janet Baker

    I have returned to the art of the snail mail letter during the pandemic. I have been a pen pal to my great niece and great nephew, sent postcards and sent greeting cards. I have actually really enjoyed it.

  • Linda Ramirez

    No. No snail mail for me.

  • Sadly, I rarely write snail mail letters anymore. But I adore the first album by the band of that same name. 😉

  • Stephanie Barnett

    Yes! I have a few friends that we send post cards and random letters back and forth. We started back when the first lockdown started and have managed to keep it up!

  • Dayla Anderson

    I miss it. Used to write letters in my younger years.


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