5 Things to Know About ‘Hot Flashes: The Musical’ in Visalia


Yes, your initial reaction was correct: We’re talking about those kinds of “hot flashes.”

Menopause gets its moment in the spotlight in this rock ‘n’ roll tinged musical comedy. The Visalia Players production of “Hot Flashes: The Musical” opens Friday, Oct. 29, at the Ice House Theatre in Visalia. It’s about five women ranging in age from 40 to 70 years who play in a band.


Get ready for goofy lyrics.

Pictured above: Susan Mathews, Karen Simpson,
Lori Pasion-Gonzales and Debra Hansen star in ‘Hot Flashes: The Musical.’ Photo: Visalia Players

“The songs are a slapdash mix of trite and clever wordplay,” says Susan Mathews, who is directing the show with Marguerite Koster-Crownover.

Many of those lyrics are set to familiar tunes. “I Will Survive” becomes “I Will Not Age,” describing a body makeover and facelift. (Sample lyric: “Zap my little mustache with a laser gun but I’m not done / bring on the liposuction”)

“I Am Woman” becomes “I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore.” The Grateful Dead’s “Truckin” becomes “Agin.”


There are also some original songs, including “I Want a Trophy Husband,” “M-E-N-O-P-A-U-Z,” and “You’re Never Too Old to Rock.”


These hot flashes are coming back 11 years later.

The Visalia Players performed the title in 2010. A testament to the success of that production can be found on the “Hot Flashes” website. Co-director Gary Benjamin wrote at the time:

“It is far and away the best attended production in our 53-year history. I’ve directed other small cast musicals, but none have ever sold out before we even opened. As we moved on to the second and third week-ends of the show, the reservations were full, with a waiting list of 20 persons for each night. Our 150-seat theater was bulging at the seams, and patrons kept telling us that they have never laughed so much, ever.”


The show is the first indoor production with a live band since Covid.

“Beehive” was back in February 2020. Since then, “We have had a one-night fundraiser and a weekend cabaret,” Mathews says. “We are excited to see what will happen with sales. I think word of mouth is the key!”


Men can enjoy “Hot Flashes,” too.

They might be reluctant to attend because of the title. “But once there, they find it hysterical, Mathews says. “It is just plain funny! Most men have lived or are living through this experience with their wife, mother, sister or friend.”

Show info

‘Hot Flashes: The Musical,’ opens Friday, Oct. 29. Runs through Nov. 21. Tickets are $20 adults, $16 students. All non-vaccinated people are encouraged to wear a mask. Masks are optional for vaccinated people.

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