Win tickets to ‘Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’ at Fresno Convention Center

You can win a pair of tickets to the highly anticipated traveling exhibition “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.”

The show opens May 27 and continues through July 17.

The contest is open to members, donors and individual sponsors of The Munro Review. The winner will receive two tickets for any time and date during the show’s run.

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To enter the giveaway, leave a reply on this post answering this question: What attracts you about Van Gogh’s paintings? (Or, if you’d prefer, just tell me why you want to see the show.) Leave your entry in the comment field below. Deadline to enter is midnight Thursday, May 26. The winner will be picked at random and notified by email.


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Comments (39)

  • Patty Stratton

    I would love to take my husband to see ‘Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’ for two reasons. I am intrigued by his art and use of colors. I also want to see the exhibit because Blue Devil’s Drum and Bugle Corps that my granddaughter marches with during the summer is building a show around the color BLUE and Van Gogh will be intertwined throughout their international show!

  • I’ve been intrigued by this exhibition since I first read about it. I’m so pleased it’s coming to Fresno!

  • Danielle Seaberg

    The colors Van Gogh used are brilliant! I’d love to see the show because it seems like so much fun. It’s an opportunity I don’t think I’d get to experience again.

  • Gloria

    This is show we have been waiting for! Love Van Gogh’s art and have seen some films about his life.

  • David Gearhart

    I often refer to Fresno as the ‘City of Light’ on my facebook site when referring to Art Hop, local theater , musicals and opera, food and culture. I have been to Paris many times , but our “City of Light ” is the perfect setting for a Van Gogh exhibit like this !

  • Gloria Brough

    For me, van Goghs paintings are sensual: the colors, the exuberance and is freshness. With appreciationFor bringing attention to our Fresno Arts, Gloria Brough

  • Jim Wilson

    During a cruise down the Seine in 2004 I was fortunate to visit several of the locations where Van Gogh did his painting, as well as the grave sites for the painter and his brother. I would enjoy seeing his work enlarged.

  • Steph

    His life history, and his mental health. The disturbed mind can create such fascinating art.

  • Denise

    I have always loved the energy and color of Van Gogh’s work. It’s so full of beauty and joy despite the pain of his life. I can’t go with my dad anymore, but I could go and think of him.

  • Kristy Page

    This show looks amazing!!!! I would love to go, I’m a big Van Gogh fan.

  • Susan McAndrew

    I appreciate Van Gogh’s paintings because he used color and texture of paint to capture the light in fresh and unique ways. He expresses emotions boldly in every brush stroke.

  • Linda Hamby

    I have heard it is a wonderful show, and I am always looking for new cultural experiences.

  • Karina Balfour

    I’d love to bring my daughter to expose her to a new and innovative way of experiencing art. Van Gogh is one of the first artists I remember learning about and he made a big “impression”. 😉

  • Sandi Moore

    I would love to win tickets to this exhibit! It looks really interesting.

  • Vanessa Garabedian

    I would absolutely LOVE to experience the Van Gogh exhibition! I love art and mediums of all kind! I took different art classes in high school and loved all of them! I am also back at creating art (after several years of a hiatus) and to be able to experience such a world reknown artist up close would be simply AMAZING!

  • Lorenzo E Martinez

    Instead from memory, Van gogh painted from life. What I admire about Van Gogh was his preserverance for painting no matter what conditions were present. As most impressionists it was crucial to stay true to painting what you saw in that moment. These moments were the result of long walks, braving the heat or iced fingers from the winter chill. Van Gogh wasn’t confined to the comfortability of a studio, and because of his determination to capture time as it stood contributes to his genius as an artist. The immersive exhibit will be a deep sensory experience, but it will only give us a glimpse of how the artist himself saw the world.

  • Terri Kotchevar

    My son and I would love to experience this amazing exhibit!

  • Sirley Carballo

    I first learned of Van Gogh in the second grade! My teacher was showing us some of his most famous paintings and then we all got a chance to create our own renditions of his paintings. I chose Bedroom in Alers and filled the room with my own childish belongings like stuffed animals, my dresser, and colorful floral bedspread. I will never forget that assignment because it was the first time in my young life that I had drawn or painted anything in such detail, not to mention with a sense of depth and dimension. Thanks to that assignment, I fell in love with the Bedroom painting and continued to draw pictures like the Bedroom. I probably created 6 or 7 different renditions of my bedroom in a similar style growing up! I would love to win tickets to Beyond Van Gogh so that I can “step inside” the Bedroom and experience such an incredible painting in a new way!

  • Beckie Tetrault

    His work is just so moving, and more importantly, he’s my artist son’s favorite painter 😉

  • Noe Mejia

    Van Gogh’s art inspired me in art class. His use of texture and color and his individuality set him apart and made you feel something. That’s what good art is supposed to do. I’m looking forward to being fully immersed in his world.

  • Cherish Holland

    What an amazing experience coming to our area!

  • Juan Arambula

    Van Gogh paints the world the way my heart sees things, and my heart tells my brain what it is seeing.

  • Ernie

    I would just love to see the creativity of the experience!

  • Juan Luis

    Definitely want to check this out! Very cool that it’s coming to Fresno. I think Van Gogh would love Fresno! 😎

  • Adrienne

    My brother bought tickets and didn’t invite me…. I must see this!

  • Bonito

    I am Van Gogh. True story!!!!- wink!

  • Nancy Kast

    Enjoy his approach and use of color. Excellent representation of his subjects.

  • Silvia Fisher

    One of my favorite is his Sunflowers 🌻 paintings. A great exhibit to come to Fresno.

  • Heidi Orender

    I love his color choices and the sense of movement in his paints. If the movement jumps of the canvas on it’s own, I’d be very excited to be fully immersed in his work dancing around me. It sounds truly magical!

  • Lisa Winter

    I love his use of color!

  • Haley

    I’m intrigued by the hope and vibrancy in many of his paintings, in spite of the man himself having such a bleak- at the very least, traumatic and chaotic – existence. It all feels timely.

  • Amie Hill

    I would love to take my family to this event to experience something amazing!

  • Alex Hernandez

    I would love to take my girlfriend to this exhibit. She loves art and all things associated with it. She takes me to art hops and galleries. She’s trying so hard to open my mind to these experiences. Imagine her face if I told her that we were going! She deserves it so much.

  • Luis loya

    What intrigues me is the stigma of mental illness from the past. And how Van Gogh cut his ear off, and managed to turn his point of view into stunning art. His time in a hospital shaped his consciousness and all the alone time and never ending thoughts that he experience and are still relevant today. The way he captured the nocturnal elements of earth. The way art gave him a form of expression an outlet of release of emotions. The energy it took to create such art that it transcended and resonated till through time today. It’s art show I would love to see and experience. It’d be like traveling to a dream 😴 and waking up and realizing we are creators of our own reality. ☮️

  • Lauren

    Van Gogh was one of my favorite artists in high school because he too struggled with severe mental illness and Epilepsy. His personal work and knowing he had been institutionalized at one point helped me see him in a more human way.

    As someone who has similar illnesses to him and also creates art. As well as having worked in VR and going further into XR. I would love to experience this full immersive experience the way his work should be felt. Not only by viewing a painting on a wall or in a book. Or the “room” they furnished and say he stayed in when he was institutionalized in(when really he was put in a sparse place that had many other occupants.)

    We will never know who he truly was or how he was as person and artist. We at least have his work to remind us of what can be imagined.

    Hope this comment posts. I’ve tried several times over the past few days !

  • Karly

    Van Gogh’s artwork continuously amazes me. From studying his work throughout elementary and high school, and now in college the past few years, my admiration for his artwork only grows the more I engage in it. I have seen a few Van Gogh pieces on exhibit as I have traveled over the years, and it just blows me away that one person could create such intricate, ornate works of art through all stages of his life. Even in his toughest moments, he created art and I find that to be inspiring. All it takes is perspective, and your unique angle to tell a story, and to leave a lasting impact. I would love to see his work in this exhibit! I feel like it would come to life in a completely new capacity!

  • James Ward

    I am fascinated by people who disfigure their bodies, especially anyone who cuts off their ear. Also, I love the Don McClean song.

  • Tamara

    This would be such a treat to see!

  • Chelsea

    would love to go for my husbands birthday coming up! It would be a great surprise 🙂 I’m glad this exhibition is coming to Fresno.


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