Donald’s list: Weekend choices (Oct. 12)

Options include a Fresno State lecture-recital about a memorable woman scientist, theater openings in Merced, Visalia and Reedley, and a photo exhibition about Afghanistan

Here’s a rundown on promising arts/culture picks for the weekend. (Note: I’m posting this a day earlier than usual because of a Thursday night option.)

Remembering Hypatia

Earlier this year I got to wander the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, and there I learned about a remarkable woman: Hypatia, who is said to be the first woman philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. She was renowned for her intelligence and scientific insights. But she got caught up in the religious battles of the times. Hypatia was a pagan, and she was (horribly) murdered by an angry Christian mob in the year 415 A.D.


Hypatia’s life story is the focus of a fascinating sounding interdisciplinary lecture-recital on Friday at Fresno State. The event is an exploration of the ways in which women use their voices and are silenced in male-dominated societies.

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Donald’s list: Weekend choices (Sept. 1)

Hanford’s Kings Players and Playhouse Merced open new shows

Here’s a rundown on promising arts/culture picks for the weekend:

‘Swim Club’

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at the Kings Players in Hanford: They know how to counter program. On a very quiet weekend because of the Labor Day holiday, the company opens a new show: “The Dixie Swim Club,” directed by Debbie Walker.

Old friends: Mary-Catherine Paden, left, as Dinah, Nicole Devol as Vernadett, Samantha Highfill as Jeri Neal, Bethany Reynolds as Sheree and Danielle Bellman as Lexie in “The Dixie Swim Club.” Photo / Kings Players

I wrote a few months ago about the experience of visiting the Kings Players. You can read my “theater road trip” story here.

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