Summer Arts drought officially ends

Welcome back, Summer Arts.

After five years spent cooling down in the climes of Monterey Bay, the California State University’s acclaimed summer program is back in Fresno. And I can already tell you that in terms of community reception, things are heating up. On Wednesday night a large group of supporters descended upon the Woodward Lake home of Armen and Dan Bacon to celebrate the return of the program (which kicks off June 26 and runs in two sessions through July 23) and raise money for student scholarships.

Summer Arts is an immersive session for students from all over California who get to work with world-class artists. There’s a great payoff for the community, too, in a series of public performance events.

Fresno State hosted Summer Arts for a monumental 13 years before the program scooted off to the coast, and the university was reluctant to see it go. Now that it’s back, I’m excited about covering some of the remarkable artists and students coming to Fresno.

I collected digital autographs of some of the people at the party, including key Summer Arts movers and shakers.

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  • Joanne Sharp

    We’re so happy to be back! And it was especially great to see you again, Donald. We look forward to seeing you all summer!


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