Win tickets to Selma’s ’35MM’

UPDATE: Our winners are John Beynon and Kimberly Hauxhurst. Congrats!

ORIGINAL POST: By now you’ve probably heard about the wonderful “35MM: A Musical Exhibition,” the cutting-edge piece of theater being brought to you by the Selma Arts Center. Now’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Friday evening show. This is the final weekend for “35MM,” so there isn’t much time left. (Just four performances remain: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus a 2:30 p.m. Saturday matinee.)

Opening number: Shawn Williams in ‘Crazy Town.’ Photo / Kyle Lowe

But wait … there’s more. Not only can you win the tickets, but the producers are throwing in some other goodies as well: a signed poster, backstage tour, a meet-and-greet with the cast, a photo on-set with everyone, AND signed 35mm prints from ace company photographer Kyle Lowe.

You also want a set of steak knives? Sorry. We’re stopping at theater memorabilia.

Here’s how you enter: Leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite Selma Arts Center production has been so far. (If you’ve never been, tell us why you’d like to go for your first time.) I’ll pick a winner at random and notify via email. You’ll be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call. Deadline to enter is 7 p.m. Wednesday. I’ll get back to the winners that evening.

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32 thoughts on “Win tickets to Selma’s ’35MM’”

  1. My favorite show at SAC was probably Dominic’s staging of “In the Heights”. Such great energy from the cast, and seeing the original set was really cool, too. I also really loved Heathers and (personal bias here) our one-night engagement of Hamiltunes, where is was clear everyone in the room shared the same obsession with that musical as those of us who coordinated the evening.

  2. I am so sorry that I missed In the Heights, but I loved the encore concert version. I thought Heathers was amazing! I really enjoy coming out to Selma for a show. It was very cool of them to let us use the venue for Hamiltunes, which was a very fun evening.

  3. I have never seen a production at the Selman Arts Center, but would love to see this production! Kindle is my fav and I hear she is amazing!

  4. We’ve never been to the Selma Arts Center and it’s time to change that ! I’ve heard AMAZING things about this group and we have to find out ourselves. Thanks so much for this great opportunity !

  5. I have to say that my favorite show at the Selma Arts Center is Big Fish — because it is the only show I have seen there so far. That said, I LOVED Camille Gaston and Maddy Williams in that show, and it was well worth the drive. Definitely looking forward to 35MM, and if I happen to win I will invite guests to enjoy the show.

  6. Favorite production I’ve seen out of the Selma Arts Center — Heathers: The Musical. Incredible, focused performances all around — you could feel the electricity in those Summer night runs of the show. This was also my first time heading out to Selma for a show, so naturally, I’ve regularly been coming back for more!

  7. My favorite show…hmm it’s a toss up…I loved In The Heights and Heathers!!! So since I have to pick one I’m picking HEATHERS!!! It took me back to my teen years …How Very!

  8. Amazing productions in Selma!! Who knew!! Live all of the Arts and here in Madera we work hard at that. Would ❤️ to take a trip to the Selma Production “35mm” & then share that experience with others!!!

  9. I really loved Selma Art Center’s production of 12 Angry Men! I thought the cast was very well prepared and researched, and the technical elements were phenomenal! Definitely a stand out for me!

  10. I wish I had gone sooner but this weekend is out. Darn it. I would have loved to see this production. I will watch for further news about productions in Selma.

  11. Your review plus the trauma of having the laptop with media for the show lifted has really made me want to support this production and this theater

  12. I’m planning on taking my grandchildren to see Lion King the Musical at the Selma Arts Center in August. Hope to win tickets to 35mm!

  13. My favorite Selma Arts Production was Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play. It really reminded me, of a big fan of The Simpsons and a writer for the stage, that the popular culture we produce and consume is important and must be of substance in case future civilizations adopt it as their religion.

    And the production value was so inventive and amazing!

  14. This was my first show! I came to support my best friend! I will for sure be on the look out for future productions!

  15. I LOVED In the Heights and Heathers. I think the work coming out of the Selma Arts Center has been incredibly impressive, focused and driven. I would love to add 35MM to my list of shows seen at S.A.C!

  16. The reason I liked Honk was because the story was different from what I thought and it surprised which I always like when a show surprises me in a good way and the reason I liked Heathers was the music was catchy the acting was amazing and the show in general was awsome

  17. My favorite and very first Selma Arts Center show was “Heathers”. It was also my first time seeing the show, so it was a bit of a shell shock. Haha I thought it really well performed and I loved the live orchestra. It was such an incredible first experience, the center itself is a very impressive theater as well. I’d love to audition one day for a show there. We’ll see. 😉

  18. I may be a bit biased here, but my favorite show I’ve seen at the arts center so far has been In The Heights. Working on that show changed my life and was such a great opportunity. The cast was crazy talented. And working with Dominic? AMAZING. I really want to see what he’s done this year with 35mm!

  19. Into the Woods was awesome! It had great music and set. Love the work SAC is doing. So many good shows they put on.

  20. So many great shows have been put on by Selma Arts it is difficult to choose! I liked “Heathers” for its creative and innovative set and direction. Wishing Selma Arts Center continued success. Thanks for bringing great art to the valley.

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