Miss Winkles art competition celebrates the joy of pets

Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center

If you’re a Fresno County high-school-age artist and love animals, there’s still time to enter the Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center’s first pet-themed art competition. The theme is “The Joy Pets Bring,” and $800 will be given away in cash prizes.

I asked Taylor Mosher, spokesperson for the center, to give us a rundown.

Q: Tell us about the original Miss Winkles and the Clovis facility named in her honor.

A: Miss Winkles was an adorable, slightly mischievous West Highland Terrier and the ever-faithful companion to David McDonald who celebrated her life with a generous donation, helping to build what would become the Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center. McDonald was the former CEO of Pelco, a local philanthropist and an all-around incredible man. Though he sadly passed away earlier this year, McDonald’s legacy and that of Miss Winkles live on with us at Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center. Thanks to McDonald’s generosity and the continued support of our donors, we have a beautiful, state-of-the-art pet adoption facility here in Clovis that helps over a thousand local animals each year receive critical care and find loving new homes!

Q: Photos and videos of pets are one of the most popular things on the internet. Do you think that translates to the fine-arts scene?

A: Absolutely! The arts both portray and invoke deep emotion, and the emotional connection we share with our pets is certainly one that can be captured beautifully through art. It’s our hope that this competition not only provides young local artists an opportunity to display their passion for animals and the arts, but also that these pieces help remind others of the joy pets bring to our lives and inspire them to help animals in need.


Q: Give us the nuts and bolts on the competition.

A: Our first art competition invites local high school artists from throughout Fresno County to submit two-dimensional art pieces that embody the theme “The Joy Pets Bring” for a chance to win their share of over $800 in cash prizes and to be included in a public art gallery display open to the community for two weeks in the front lobby of the adoption center. We ask that entrants download our application packet and bring their completed packet along with their canvas or framed piece here to Miss Winkles no later than Sunday, June 30. Complete competition information is included in the application packet.

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