She really doesn’t like the heat. Which can be an issue when you move to Fresno for three months during the summer. You know what can make the situation even tougher? Coming here to play a character in a musical who wears a fringed frontier jacket and a dilapidated hat that suggests squirrel stew might be on the menu for lunch. Suede does not breathe well on stage. But this is Louise Mandrell we’re talking about. The country-music veteran does not back down from a challenge. In 2012, with very little acting experience, she came to Fresno’s Good Company Players to play the title role in the sweet, corny, oldie-but-goodie musical “Calamity Jane.” After 30-plus years as a professional singer, she tried playing someone other than, well, Louise Mandrell. That took some guts. She knew she had a lot to learn. To reprise Calamity, she came back seven years later. And seven years older. (She’s a bit shy about that fact, considering that her character is at least a couple of decades younger than the actual Louise.) For the past two months at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, she has been leaping on chairs, springing onto bar counters, diving headfirst into upright barrels and soaring through the air over cadres of cowboys, all while barking out lines and belting out songs at a nearly nonstop pace. Now she is gearing up for her final performance. The matinee today (Sunday, Sept. 16) closes the run of the show. Sure enough, the weather forecast is scraping just shy of the century mark. In this second run of “Calamity,” the heat has bothered her a bit more, she admits.