June ArtHop pick: Dal Henderson’s ‘Dirty Whites and Old Friends’ at 1821 Gallery

Things are heating up for June ArtHop. You can find lots more details and a complete list of venues at the Fresno Arts Council’s ArtHop update. Here’s one of my picks:

1821 Gallery & Studios

What sets the work of Dal Henderson apart?

Bruce Kalkowski, the owner of 1821 Gallery & Studios, can list three big reasons.

The first is finish. “Just look at this,” Kalkowski says as he walks through the gallery, pointing to one of the paintings in Henderson’s new show. “It’s so creamy.”

The second is depth. You can peer into — almost climb into — some of Henderson’s paintings. Some of his computer-generated work uses PhotoShop dimensional magic. But even in his traditional work, the sense of depth is enticing, Kalkowski says.

Finally, Henderson’s skill at layering is superb. This isn’t just one layer of paint dabbed on the canvas; the artist works intently, primarily with acrylics, putting one layer after another, to make his paintings come to life.


He bounces between using old-fashioned paint on canvas and PhotoShop to make digital prints. There’s something in common about most of his work, though.

“I basically consider myself to be a non-objective painter,” Henderson says. “A lot of my work, but not all of it, tends to be about color, shape and design. The images are whatever you bring to it.”

His new show is titled “Dirty Whites and Old Friends.” It continues through June 29.

One of my favorite works in the exhibition is “Bar H,” pictured above. There’s something about the deliberate, airy emptiness of the composition that invites you in. And then, as you look more closely, the subtleties become more evident.

Henderson and Kalkowski are featured guests on the June episode of The Munro Review on CMAC. Most of the half hour is devoted to his segment, so don’t miss it. (And thanks to guest host Jackie Ryle for filling in!)

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