Thursday pick: Shana Moulton at Fresno City College Art Space Gallery

Shana Moulton, playing her alter ego, Cynthia, in a scene from ‘Whispering Pines 10.’

If you are a fan of video and/or performance art, here’s a reminder that Thursday’s big closing celebration at the Fresno City College Art Space Gallery shouldn’t be missed.


Shana Moulton will be there in person for a video-performance. You can also get a chance to watch the “star” of the exhibition, Moulton’s 36-minute video series “Whispering Pines 10,” a witty and fascinating “internet soap opera” that stars Moulton’s longtime cinematic alter ego, Cynthia. In my initial write-up on the show, I described this cheerful character whom as “a kitschy cross between Betty Crocker and old-school Pee-wee Herman (before he got creepy).”

The exhibition is organized by Art Space Gallery curator Elena Harvey Collins.

One reason Moulton’s video is so striking is because of the strong local connection. Moulton, an internationally known video and performance artist (and an assistant professor of art at UC Santa Barbara), grew up in Oakhurst.

The title of the series is a reference to the name of the mobile home retirement community where she lived. She returned to the area when she was making the piece.


In an email, Moulton tells me:

I have asked several poets and friends that were close to my late uncle Chuck Moulton, founder of the Fresno Poets Association, to read some of his and their own poetry or writing. I’m really honored to have such an outstanding group of poets and writers participating in this event.

The lineup is Mike Cole, Ronald Dzerigian, Chuck Hanzlicek, Le Matthews and Dixie Salazar.

The event is 6-8 p.m. and is free.

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